Sean On My 600 Pound Life Update: What Happened To Sean On 600 Pound Life? Did Sean On My 600 Pound Life Die?

Sean On My 600 Pound Life Update

TLC regrets to inform you that Sean Milliken has died. Sean first appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2016, when he weighed over 900 pounds. He triumphantly lost over 400 pounds during his weight loss journey. Sean was caught up with by TLC viewers in the summer of 2018 and revealed that, despite losing his mother, he was still on his quest to live a healthier and happier life. TLC extends its heartfelt condolences to Sean’s friends and family during this difficult time. 

Sean will be remembered and missed by both onscreen and offscreen fans. He brought a lot of energy to the show, and My 600-lb Life fans will never forget that. Tragically, Sean died at 29, but hopefully, he’s in a much better place now with his mother, Renee.

What Happened To Sean On 600 Pound Life?

Sean Milliken made his TLC debut as Dr Now’s patient on My 600-lb Life in 2016. Unfortunately, his time on the reality show is over, and fans want to know what happened to him. He lost over 400 pounds after filming the weight loss-focused series. But unfortunately, that body transformation journey ended in 2019.

Sean admitted when he first appeared on My 600-lb Life that his troubled relationship with food was the reason he joined the cast in the first place. He stated that he never had a good relationship with his father as a child and that he overeats to comfort himself. However, nothing mattered to him at that point in his life except food because it was the only thing that made him happy.

Did Sean On My 600 Pound Life Die?

Sean was able to lose 400 of his 900-pound weight with the help of Dr Now. He accomplished this after moving to Houston to be with his mother, Renee Milliken, whom many believed enabled Sean. TLC was able to catch up with Sean in a summer episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? He explained that he had recently lost his mother and was struggling to adjust to life without her. Unfortunately, she died of renal failure, which devastated Sean because they were so close. Sean continued to try to live a healthier lifestyle while dealing with his grief until his tragic death.

Sean On My 600 Pound Life Lost His Father

Sean’s father, according to Globalnews, announced his son’s death on Facebook. Sean was admitted to the hospital a few days before he died from an infection. Although the hospital was able to resuscitate the 600-pound My 600-lb Life alum, his heart stopped a short time later. Since then, fans have expressed condolences, and TLC has also paid tribute to Sean. TLC representatives voiced concern for the late reality star’s family and friends in a statement released by the network. Sean’s death came just a few months after the deaths of two other My 600-lb Life alums, James “L.B” Bonner and Lisa Fleming. These heartbreaking developments saddened many people.

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