Shauna Brown Was Missing, She is Found Dead

Georgia’s WARREN COUNTY:  According to Columbia Police, a body has been discovered inside a car belonging to a missing nurse who has been missing for more than a week.

The Georgia State Patrol discovered a black 2013 Toyota Corolla that belonged to missing nurse Shauna Brown wrecked in a forested area off of westbound I-20 in Warren County, Georgia, said the department.

According to investigators, the deceased driver of the car was only identified as a female wearing scrubs. On July 10, police suspect the victim died in a single-vehicle collision.

Authorities in both jurisdictions are awaiting the outcomes of an autopsy and DNA tests in order to positively identify the victim, even though the car is registered to Brown.

The 39-year-old nurse was reported missing on July 12 according to Columbia Police, who said this on Monday. It was out of character for her daughter to not stay in touch, according to her mother.

Brown was scheduled to fly to Alabama for school, according to investigators, and there was no proof that she arrived at her destination.

She was driving a car that matched the description of the one that the highway patrol discovered in a crash.

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