Surfshark Netflix Not Working 2022, How To Fix Surfshark Netflix Not Working?

Surfshark Netflix Not Working 2022

Let us go over this topic in more detail because learning that Surfshark is suddenly not working with Netflix could feel like a huge letdown. primarily because one of the most common reasons why users first use VPNs is to get around geo-restrictions. And it’s understandable why the issue is not so readily disregarded given that Netflix is one of the most well-known geo-restricted services. On the plus side, we’ve created a simple guide that will show you how to quickly resolve this issue.

Why Surfshark Netflix Not Working?

Keep in mind that Netflix has blacklisted the IP address you were provided, which is why Surfshark has ceased working on this app. In other words, the streaming provider has recognised and blacklisted that IP address. According to some users, trying to access Netflix in China and Japan regularly results in this frustrating problem. Additionally, it appears that the same Firestick issue has been experienced by international streams. They assert that when attempting to stream Netflix video on a Firestick, SurfShark does not work.

Is Surfshark Good For Netflix?

The best VPN for Netflix viewing is Surfshark. We ran the VPN service through our extensive VPN testing procedure in order to conduct a thorough review of Surfshark. Surfshark reliably unblocked 10 Netflix zones in our most recent streaming testing with speedy speeds and little buffering. Additionally, the VPN service works well for viewing on a variety of devices. This includes a fantastic Firestick software that makes it simple to watch movies with regional restrictions on your TV.

Fix Surfshark Netflix Not Working 2022

Are you wondering why Surfshark does not work on Netlfix? A few common mistakes disrupt the seamless Netflix experience. The majority of Surfshark Netflix issues can be resolved using straightforward methods, and here is how to fix your problems:

Step 1 – Use A Different VPN Server

The majority of the time, banned IP is what causes Surfshark Netflix problems. IPs that appear to be proxies are routinely blocked by Netflix. Perhaps you are having the same problem. Change servers, and you are now ready to go. To gain unrestricted access to local libraries, connect to any of these servers in Surfshark Netlfix nations.

Step 2 – Use A Different Encryption Protocol

A VPN’s configuration may occasionally be affected by the encryption protocol, making it challenging to connect to a server. The problem can be immediately fixed by switching the protocol configuration. IKEv2, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, and WireGuard protocol are available for selection.

Step 3 – Enable The Internet Kill Switch 

The VPN’s internet kill switch is a crucial function that should never be disregarded. In the event that the VPN connection stops, a kill switch is intended to prevent websites and apps from detecting your real IP address and location. While this function may be pre-activated with certain providers, you must explicitly activate the kill switch feature with Surfshark. It will stop Netflix from discovering your actual location and ensure that your DNS is not exposed.

Step 4 -Contact The Customer Support Team

24/7 customer service is available from Surfshark. Surfshark’s knowledgeable staff is always there to assist you. Talk to them if you’re having trouble accessing Netflix so they can offer their knowledge and assistance.

Step 5 – Other Solutions Listed

Restarting the router can be successful in some circumstances. The cache is erased when you restart the router, enabling server access. Altering the server’s nation can also be beneficial. Search for a given show’s availability in various nations, then connect to one of the listed servers. Similarly, you can restart your device and reconnect to a VPN server if Surfshark isn’t working with Netflix on Firestick.

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