Tennessee Football: Under investigation for a recruitment scandal, assistant coach Derrick Ansley, Shelton Felton, and Brian Niedermeyer were fired.


Coach Jeremy Pruitt was sacked by Chancellor Donde Plowman on January 18, 2021, for a specified reason. The 5NCAA report goes into great depth regarding its examination of whether Pruitt’s Tennessee football programme broke any recruiting regulations.

In response to the accusations, the university dismissed Pruitt and informed the NCAA that it had found evidence the football team had breached the law.

Tennessee claims it is exempt from having to pay Pruitt’s $12.6 million buyout since he was ousted for a legitimate reason.

The action sent the NCAA the message that any sanctions should be low because the institution took action as soon as breaches were discovered.

The scandal surrounding the recruitment also led to the dismissal of assistant coaches Shelton Felton and Brian Niedermeyer. Here are the biographies of each.

Derrick Ansley, Shelton Felton, and Brian Niedermeyer, coaches, were fired due to a recruitment scandal

Tennessee fired Pruitt, Shelton Felton, Brian Niedermeyer, and six other individuals in January 2021. Niedermeyer is currently the defensive coordinator of Florida’s elite I.M.G. Academy.

Additionally, under Felton’s direction, Valdosta High School in Georgia boasts one of the best teams in the country.

Less than two weeks after Pruitt’s firing in January 2021, the San Diego Chargers signed Derrick Ansley to coach their defensive backs. The NCAA has made reference to him in connection with two suspected Level I infractions.

Tens of thousands of dollars in cash, hotel rooms, meals, entertainment, transportation, and team supplies were purportedly given to recruiters with Ansley’s help.

Six of the nine prospects that signed with Tennessee and joined the Vols played in the games as well.

Derrick Ansley, The Head Football Coach At Tennessee, And His Family

American football coach and former player Derrick Ansley seems to have married and had kids.

Details of his private life, however, remain a secret. He also appears to be a quiet individual who values maintaining a separation between his personal and work lives.

Ansley also made history in Tennessee football when, after working with the Oakland Raiders’ defensive backs under Jon Gruden in 2018, he was hired as the team’s first black defensive coordinator.

He has previously coached defensive backs at Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama.

Shelton Felton And Laquanda Have Four Children Together

Shelton Felton, the outside linebackers coach, and his wife Laquanda are married, according to gozips.com. Alexius, Shelton III, Shemori, Shelton Jr., and the couple’s other four children.

As of this writing, only his family’s names have been made public.

Felton, a Cordele, Georgia, native, played defensive lineman at Troy from 1999 to 2002. He studied in social work and education there, graduating in 2002 and 2008 with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, respectively.

In 2012, he earned an E.D.S. in physical education from Jacksonville State.

Who Is the Wife of Brian Niedermeyer? Family Statistics Examined

Users have used the name Ali to allude to Brian Niedermeyer’s girlfriend in messages on Twitter. A gif video was part of the original post that was published on January 21, 2021.

The woman is seen in the video below consuming popcorn while she watches the game.

Another user commented that Brian Niedermeyer’s girlfriend was grinning since we were losing players. She then deleted her account.

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