What is TikTok Magnet Challenge Trend? Explained!

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As it’s become more and more like Vine, with comedy skits, pranks, and everything else taking over, TikTok has been home to some wacky and strange trends. Among these trends, TikTok Magnet Trend is one of them.

TikTok Magnet Challenge Trend Explained!

Users are making fake piercings, especially tongue and nose piercings with magnetic balls.

What happens is, Users, put these magnetic balls in either side of their mouth and wiggle it around which gives an illusion that their tongue is pierced and the magnetic balls speed around their mouth in a circle.

However, reports have claimed that this trend has been put to warning as several users were hospitalized for swallowing them. While some of them have been recovered.

Of course, curiosity always gets the best of some and they’ll dive into a hole for both trends, regardless of what happens.

However, anyone who messes with the ‘Magneto Balls’ trend should heed the warnings. As for the latter, no one is turning into X-Men’s Magneto anytime soon.

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