What Is Tiktok Timer Challenge & Should You Try It?

As the risky trend gains popularity, TikTok’s timer challenge has been taking over the platform once more. We strongly advise you to report it right now.

If a lot of people interact and engage with the video, TikTok trends frequently become popular within a few months. When there is problematic or hazardous stuff involved, this experience also becomes frightful.

One of them is the timer challenge, which has attracted a lot of users.

What is the Timer Challenge

The user begins the timer challenge by setting a timer on their phone. On the screen, there might also be captions like “let’s see who cares.” Only in a hypothetical sense, the timer is used to indicate how long they have left to live. The timer is made by the user, and it cannot in any manner choose this feature.

Some users may additionally upload distressing messages to the video as a cry for assistance. The messages can upset a lot of users on the platform. The game’s main goal is to persuade players to contact out after viewing the video or message in order to “show they care.” However, by no means is this a fruitful or conclusive method of arriving to this conclusion.

How to Report the Content

We encourage you to report any videos that have been used to promote the timer challenge right away by doing the actions outlined below:

  • To the right of the video, tap the white arrow.
  • Select the “report” icon with the flag symbol.
  • To report the content, select suicide, self-harm, and risky activities’.

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