What Happened to Troy Landry – Death Cause Explained

Fans of Swamp People on History Channel are currently watching season 13 of the show, but, as with many previous chapters, Troy Landry’s son, Brandon, is still not captured on camera.

As news of his death spread on the internet, the public became concerned that something bad had happened to him. As a result, some people began looking for his obituary on the internet. But, as in the past, viewers hope this is a hoax.

Brandon Landry, Troy Landry’s son Obituary And Death

Brandon is the eldest son of Troy Landry, a well-known on-screen bayou alligator hunter. The child, however, was known to be his step-child from his wife Bernita and her former husband, Gerald Hotard.

After Troy’s first son left the family show Swap People, his absence from the media led some to believe he was no longer alive. As a result, fans are wondering if he is still alive.

Some even claimed to have discovered Brandon’s obituary, but it was later revealed that it belonged to another man with the same name who was much younger than him.

Brandon is also on Twitter and regularly posts there. On August 14, he made his last post. He appears to be from Louisiana and is an indirect Swamp People member. In addition, he first appeared on the show with his stepfather in 2013.

But, unlike Troy, the young lad could not follow in his father’s footsteps. As a result, he didn’t make many appearances on the show. However, he was occasionally seen in subsequent seasons after he left the show.


Troy, according to the History Channel, is the main cast member of the show Swamp People and the alleged “King of the Swamp.” As shown in the show, he is one of the most fearless and renowned alligator hunters, and his family supports him in the show.

His older biological son Jacob is seen with him, attempting to make his father proud. Similarly, his other son Chase joined him in Season 13 to assist the family in making more money from the show. In addition, we could see Troy’s nephew Holden accompanying the father and sons.

Brandon, along with the rest of the cast, used to appear on the Wild Channel series. But he couldn’t stay with the family. He tried, but he couldn’t stand the alligator hunter lifestyle.

Brandon Landry: What Happened to Him?

Fans of the show Swamp People discovered that Brandon had vanished after only a few seasons. After stepping out, Troy’s stepson barely spoke to the media. However, it was later revealed that he had started a restaurant and was doing exceptionally well.

Despite leaving the show, his name is still mentioned in the alligator hunting team with his stepfather and stepbrothers.

He went to Louisiana State University and majored in Business. He had also played basketball for the school and was said to be a star. However, after finishing his senior year, he abandoned it.

As a result, we can conclude that Brandon, the former alligator hunter, is still alive and well. He could be found at Walk-Bistreaux, On’s his restaurant. In addition to being a co-founder and owner, he is the company’s CEO.

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