Valorant New Redeem Code Free 2022: How to get Valorant Redeem Codes?

Valorant Redeem Code Free 2022

Riot Games’ Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows. The game was initially revealed in October 2019 under the codename Project A. Valorant has recently revealed the Duality lore. Continue reading to find out how to receive the Valorant Duality Card and how to utilize Valorant Codes to win rewards in the game. The all-new VALORANT cinematic, which aired between Fnatic vs. Sentinels’ VCT Stage 2 Masters Grand Finale matches, provided viewers with a deeper look into the world of VALORANT and the Radianite battle.

Valorant Redeem Code 2022

New codes are often released and expire, so bookmark this page and return every day for updates. We try our best to keep this list up to date and to add new codes as they become available. Check out the latest Valorant Redeem codes down below,

  • JUBILANT02: Proud Player Title

  • PRIMARY – Pride Player Card

  • TWILIGHT – Pride Player Card

  • SHERBERT – Pride Player Card

  • GALACTIC – Pride Player Card

  • YTILAUD: Exclusive Player Card

  • COTTONCANDY – Pride Player Card

  • SUNSET – Pride Player Card

  • JUBILANT01: Ally Player Title

  • PRISMATIC – Pride Player Card

How to redeem a code in Valorant?

Valorant coupons are often redeemed for one of two reasons: cashing in a gift card or redeeming a giveaway code such as Duality Code. There is, however, a distinct methodology for each of these. In order to redeem the duality code, follow the steps mentioned above. To redeem the codes in Valorant, simply follow the instructions,

  • Launch the Valorant Game.

  • Select the Valorant Icon that appears next to Store Lab.

  • Choose ‘Prepaid Cards and Codes’ from the screen’s menu.

  • In the form of a pop-up, a dialogue box would appear.

  • After entering the code in the box, click ‘Submit.’

  • The rewards will be added to the account.

What is the Valorant Origin skin collection?

A charging handle and rune engravings are included in the Origin skin collection. Leveling up the skins further unlocks some extremely nice features in this collection. Level two introduces a green muzzle flash, while level three introduces a new weapon animation. At level three, you’ll also watch an equip and reload animation. Finally, level four allows you to access the finisher and kill banner.

What are the weapons that feature Origin Skin Collection?

The Origin skin collection features cosmetics for the weapons given below,

  • Vandal

  • Operator

  • Frenzy

  • Bucky

  • Melee

What will you get in The new Duality lore in Valorant?

The new Duality mythology promises another world in-game that enables people to share the same character. The Duality legend was presented to fans at the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavik Grand Finals, shocking them. However, little is known about the Valorant universe at the time, and gamers all across the world have a lot of questions about the newest footage.

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