Was Vicente Fernandez In A Car Accident? What Did Vicente Fernandez Die Of?

Was Vicente Fernandez In A Car Accident?

Vicente Fernandez was a legendary Mexican singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer. He started his music carrier when he was just 13 years old. His family member, siblings, and friends supported him. According to mass media resources, David Crosby is still alive. He participated in many reality shows, won many awards, and became famous early on. He gave many debates and won many awards. Many fans of his want to know about  Was Vicente Fernandez died in a Car Accident. According to Sandiegouniontribune resources, he died on 12 December 2021 after falling at his ranch in Guadalajara. 

What Did Vicente Fernandez Die Of?

According to Billboard, legendary Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez died on 12 December 2021. The reason behind his serious condition is his cervical spine injury after a bad fall which was held on last August. After two weeks, he was again diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, which treatment began on 13 August 2022. On 26 October 2021, he left intensive care with an improvement in his clinical condition. He was again admitted to intensive care following complications of his health caused by Pneumonia. In a recent interview, his son, Vicente, mentioned that he was in complicated conditions. 

Vicente Fernandez Wife and Son

According to Hitc, Vicente Fernandez’s Wife’s name is Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor. His sons’ names are Gerardo Fernández, Vicente Fernandez jr, and Alejandro Fernández. He got many awards for Las Clásicas de José Alfredo Jiménez albums in 1991, Lástima Que Seas Ajena album in 1994, Recordando a Los Panchos in 1995, Vicente Fernández y sus Canciones in 1997, Entre El Amor y Yo in 1999, Vicente Fernández y Los Más Grandes Éxitos de Los Dandys in 2000, Lobo Herido in 2001, Más Con el Número Uno in 2002. 

How Tall Was Vicente Fernandez?

According to Desire, Vicente Fernandez’s height is 1.7 m. He was awarded for many single albums like Más Con El Número Uno in 2002, 35 Aniversario – Lo Mejor de Lara in 2003, En Vivo Juntos Por Ultima Vez in 2004, Se Me Hizo Tarde la Vida in 2004, Vicente Fernández y Sus Corridos Consentidos in 2005, La Tragedia del Vaquero in 2007, Hoy in 2013, Mano a Mano – Tangos a la Manera de Vicente Fernández in 2014, A mis ’80s in 2021. 

Vicente Fernandez Movies List

Year  Movies Name 
1981 Todo un Hombre
1981  El Sinverguenza 
1981 Una Pura y Dos Con Sal
1982 Juan Charrasqueado & Gabino Barrera
1983 Un Hombre Llamado el Diablo
1985 Matar o Morir 
1985 Acorralado 
1985 Sinvergüenza Pero Honrado
1985 Entre Compadres Te Veas
1987 El Embustero
1987  El Macho 

Vicente Fernandez Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Networth, Vicente Fernandez’s net Worth is $25 million. He acted in many movies Rude Boy movie in 1989, Hell W10 movie in 1983, The King of comedy movie in 1983, walker movie in 1987, Straight to hell movie in 1987, Candy Mountain movie in 1988, Mystery Train movie in 1989, I Hired a Contract Killer movie in1990, Docteur Chance movie in 1997, The Clash: Westway to the World movie in 2000, End of the Century: the story of the Ramones movie in 2003, let’s rock again movie in 2004, joe strummer: the future is an unwritten movie in 2007 and many more. 

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