What Happened To Jenny On The Block? The Block Competitors 2022

Jenny On The Block

Fans have heaped praise on Jenny Heath of The Block Australia for serving as a “role model for female tradies” during the 2022 Tree Change season and for her “can-do attitude.”

The 25-year-old apprentice carpenter and her fiancé, Dylan Adams, were praised by foremen Keith and Dan on the October 30 episode for being the “most optimistic” candidates they have ever had in the show’s 18-season run.

Internet users praised Jenny, The Block’s first female tradie, for her persistence and “can-do” attitude, saying she was a fantastic representative for women in trades.


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What Happened To Jenny On The Block?

In the October 30th episode, Jenny fell painfully because she couldn’t see where the decking of their house ended because she was using the flashlight on her phone to see in the dark.

Jenny said, “We didn’t install two slats of decking near the door because we ran out of decking, and therefore I couldn’t see. I just sank directly into nothing.”

Although the act was hidden from view, the Blockhead was obviously in pain because Dylan had to sooth her after it happened.

However, one fan on Twitter noted that the accident was a sign of The Block 2022’s lack of safety procedures.

The Block Competitors 2022

The table below shows The Block Competitors 2022.

Serial Number The Block Competitors
1 Rachel and Ryan
2 Ankur and Sharon
3 Dylan and Jenny
4 Omar and Oz
5 Tom and Sarah-Jane
6 Joel and Elle

Jenny From The Block 2022

In Sunday’s episode of The Block, teams hurried to complete their enormous properties since there was only one day left before host Scott Cam would utter the season-ending phrase, “tools down.”

However, a tense exchange between Sharon, Ankur, and their carpenter Scotty during the commotion revealed just how badly their relationship had broken down.

Throughout the season, Ankur and Sharon had numerous disagreements with Scotty and their builder Liam, with one party accusing the other of not doing their fair share.

Scotty was also seen on video clocking out for the last time in Sunday’s episode at 4.30 pm on a Saturday, 16 hours before the deadline, while all the other competitors had their workers working late into the night to deliver their landscaped yards.

And in the final seconds of Sunday’s episode, a new tragedy has happened: Jenny, a contestant, fell violently through a hole in the incomplete deck while stumbling around in the dark with just her phone’s torch to light the way.

As the episode came to a close, partner Dylan hurried to help Jenny, who was heard screaming in pain.

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