What Happened To Zanab Parents Love Is Blind? How Did Zanabs Parents Die?

Love Is Blind

The series follows fifteen men and fifteen women from the same metropolitan area looking for love. For ten days, the men and women date each other in specially designed “pods” where they can communicate through a speaker but cannot see each other. They are paired in a speed-dating format but can later opt for longer dates. When the daters are ready, they may extend a marriage proposal. Only after a marriage proposal is accepted does a couple meet face-to-face. The engaged couples then travel to a resort for a couples’ retreat. They spend time getting to know their partners on this trip and have their first opportunity to be physically intimate. They also meet the other couples who are taking part in the experiment.

Following the retreat, the engaged couples relocate to the same apartment complex in the city where they currently reside. They meet their partners’ friends and families at the apartments and learn more about their partners’ lives, delving into topics such as finances, recreation, personal habits, and their ultimate primary residence. They also intend to hold weddings at the end of four weeks. During the wedding planning period, a group of women goes wedding dress shopping and a group of men goes suit shopping, each with a few friends and family members. They also get to pick the design and flavour of their wedding cake. Finally, each participant says “I do” at the altar.

What Happened To Zanab Parents Love Is Blind?

Zanab, the star of Love Is Blind, was born on March 31, 1990, in Irvine, Scotland. Her roots, however, are in Pakistan, according to The Cinemaholic. Zanab’s family moved to the United States in fifth grade, and she grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She has an eight-year-old sister who lives in the United Kingdom. When she was a child, her parents divorced. While divorce is difficult for a young child to comprehend and experience. Her father was killed while water skiing in Lake Worth when she was 13.

How Did Zanabs Parents Die?

After her father died, her legal custody was transferred to her stepmother Beverly, according to The Cinemaholic. The Love Is Blind contestant has known her stepmother since she was eight. Zanab, 32, also has a stepbrother named Ryan. She also lost her mother to brain tumours when she was only 18 years old. Zanab revealed to Cole in the show’s first episode that she had lost her parents when she was young. Zanab stated that she “truly grieved for like a decade” and that it caused her to “grow up really fast.”

Zanab Is A Realtor By Profession

Zanab attended the University of Texas at Arlington as a youngster, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours. Zanab worked in a variety of fields before settling into real estate. She began working as a Realtor with Ebby Halliday in 2020 and is still with the company. According to her Linkedin, she also works as a flight attendant for American Airlines. In addition, Zanab has previously worked as a Spin Instructor and a Business Media Sales Specialist.

What Happened Between Zanab And Cole In The Recent Episode?

In the most recent episode, Cole confronted Zanab and asked if she was bipolar. His remark enraged many viewers, who took to Twitter immediately after watching the show. When Cole attempted to cook dinner for them, Zanab was highly critical of his culinary abilities. An argument breaks out between Zanab and Cole, who claims that Cole does not want to marry her. On the other hand, Cole expresses a desire for his future wife to like him more. However, in the middle of their argument, Cole asks her if she’s bipolar, sending fans into a frenzy. Zanab flees, enraged and hurt, but Cole pursues her, and they resolve their conflict.

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