When Can 1300+20=1400-40 Be True? Hard Brain Teaser Puzzle For Genius

Can You Guess When Can 1300+20=1400-40 Be True?

Brain teasers are an exciting form of a puzzle that needs thinking to solve. Brain teasers make you think out of the box and exploit your mind’s potential. One of the most recent brain teasers that have been trending on social media and boggling many minds is ‘When Can 1300+20=1400-40 Be True?’. 

Let us first have a look at what this puzzle is.


(Image Source: Fresherslive)

In this brain teaser, you have to replace the question mark. Can You make out if the equation stands right even now?

Answer To When Can 1300+20=1400-40 Be True? Hard Brain Teaser Puzzle

If you are still trying to get the answer to this, we have a hint for you, there are a few different solutions and all you need to know is basic maths to get the equations right. Let us now see the solutions and its explanation.

Answer: In a clock.

Explanation :
1300 + 20 = 1:00PM + 20 minutes = 1:20 PM

1400 – 40 = 2:00PM – 40 minutes = 1:20 PM

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