Is Whitney Cummings single? Who does she date?

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Who is Whitney Cummings?

One of the most well-known comedians and TV personalities, Whitney Cummings has a lot of programmes to her credit. Not only that, but she is also a writer, producer, director, producer of podcasts, and actor. Whitney’s career got off to a relatively early start with frequent roundtable appearances on Elate-night !’s chat show “Chelsea Lately,” where stand-up comedy quickly became her specialty. In “Comedy Central Roasts,” she also performed the roasting duties for Joan Rivers (2009), David Hasselhoff (2010), and Donald Trump (2011).

Whitney Cummings: Money Shot (2010), “I Love You” (2014) on Comedy Central, “I’m Your Girlfriend” (2016) on HBO, and “Can I Touch It?” (2019) on Netflix are a few examples of the hour-long comedy specials in the comedian’s name. Whitney is also the co-creator of two well-known TV shows: the CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls,” which she co-created with Michael Patrick King, and NBC’s “Whitney.” Whitney gained tremendous press as a budding comic in the early stages of her career from publications like Variety and Entertainment Weekly.

Whitney began writing as well and in 2017 her debut book, titled “I’m Fine…And Other Lies,” was released. She also began her podcasting career in November 2019 with “Good for You” and has since hosted a number of well-known figures in the field. The sixth stand-up Netflix special in her career, titled “Whitney Cummings: Jokes,” was just released. It was self-financed. Whitney attracted millions of fans via her productions and tours, and since she has accomplished so much in her career, they undoubtedly want to learn more about her love life. We have you covered if you fall into this category!

Family of Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings, age 39, was reared as a Roman Catholic by parents who were born and raised in Texas. She also has a half-brother named Kevin and a sister named Ashley, both of whom are older than Whitney, in addition to her parents, who separated when she was five. She said her “alcoholic” and “dysfunctional” family was the major reason of her “tumultuous” youth. She does not appear to be very close with her own relatives as a result. Whitney considers her professional family to be her closest friends and the ones with whom she has learnt and matured.

She moved about a lot when she was younger and, at age 12, was living with her uncle and aunt in Virginia. Later, in 2004, she received a magna cum laude degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. She graduated with a degree in communications, although her original goal had been to work as a journalist. Thankfully, everything changed when Whitney began doing stand-up at the age of 22. But what about her love life, you must be asking. This is what we do know:

Whitney Cummings’ Boyfriend

It is established that Whitney is in a committed relationship with veterinarian Alex Barnes, whom she met during the COVID-19 epidemic, despite the fact that Whitney has been much more quiet about her love life lately. The terrible situation involving Whitney’s foster dog serves as the catalyst for the couple’s intriguing love story. Whitney stated in an interview with “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” in August 2021 that she hurried to get a vet after one of the dogs she was fostering was inadvertently hurt by another.

The epidemic had caused a number of specialists to send her and her bleeding puppy away when “Alex came out and recognised me… and started to help me.” She said that despite the fact that Alex is younger than she is, she felt a strong attraction to him. The two started dating in July 2021 after a few more discussions and encounters. Whitney claimed she is in support of the notion of proposing to the guy first, going against the conventional norm, in one of the performances of her “Touch Me Tour” in October of the same year.

She said throughout her performance that she was “not brilliant at selecting people or relationships. But I want to share something with you guys that I’ve never mentioned before and that no one else is aware of. I want to be the one to propose to the person I’m dating. You see, I’m 39. According to The Sun, “I don’t have time for him to organise a f**king scavenger hunt proposal.” So Alex, since you can’t afford the engagement ring I want, can you make me the happiest girl in the world and let me purchase my own?

She said, “He’s terrific, and everything is going well. Although I can envision myself having children with him, I won’t do it until we do the 23+ Me test. I must first witness those outcomes. We must also point out that Whitney revealed in a Vanity Fair interview that she had frozen her eggs in 2015. She remarked at the time, “I felt like I was dating guys solely because I was on a deadline. We can only wish Whitney and Alex a wonderful future together, one that is full of love and success since it is clear that they are in a terrific position in their relationship.

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