Who Are In Journalist Andrew Pierce Family? Here’s What We Know

Andrew Pierce is a British journalist, radio host, editor, author, and political commentator who works for LBC radio.

The well-known journalist used to be an assistant editor for the newspapers The Times and The Daily Telegraph. He also used to be the political editor of the second one. In 2009, he became a columnist and consultant editor for the Daily Mail.

First, Pierce worked with Kevin Maguire on the commercial radio station LBC 97.3’s double-headed show. Later, they went on BBC, ITV, and Sky News as a double act to review, preview, and break down the news and politics.

Andrew joined LBC Radio on March 22, 2014, and began hosting the Saturday Breakfast show that same day. Now, his show is on the air every Friday night from 6 to 9 p.m.

Andrew Pierce

Andrew Pierce’s wife and children are part of his family

LBC host Andrew Pierce does not have a wife because, as far as we know, he is not married to anyone. He also says that he is gay, which is another reason why he does not have a family at the moment.

The 61-year-old journalist has been open about the fact that he is gay, and he is also listed as one of the top 100 gay people who have had a big impact on New Britain.

He is also against marriage between people of the same gender, and he spoke out against the BBC documentary on gay rights. He thinks that gay men shouldn’t be stopped from having a private relationship with another person.

Pierce also didn’t like the idea of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) being paid for by taxpayers. He also didn’t like the BBC documentary about Greg Owen or the court case National Aids Trust vs. NHS Service Commissioning Board.

Andrew Pierce, whose real name is Patrick J. Connolly, Got Married

Patrick J. Connolly, also known as Andrew Pierce, doesn’t seem to be married, and as a powerful gay person, he is against making same-sex marriage legal.

So, he is always involved in controversies that make people curious about his love life, which seems to be either nonexistent or well hidden.

Since the journalist is a public figure, he keeps his work life and personal life separate. Also, he hasn’t even told the media about his marriage or told them about his partner and family.

How much Andrew Pierce is worth and how much he makes in 2022

Based on how much Andrew Pierce makes on average as a journalist, his net worth in 2022 is likely to be more than $1 million.

Glassdoor says that the average salary for a broadcast journalist is about 37,568 GBP per year, and the average salary for an editor is about 41,888 GBP per year. Also, the median pay for a news reporter is thought to be 37,568 GBP.

Based on the above report, Pierce’s average annual salary as a journalist and editor must be between $70,000 and $90,000.

Andrew is a well-known newscaster and editor. He lives in Bristol, England, with his wife and children in a nice, comfortable home.

What did presenter Andrew Pierce say recently in the comments that caused a stir?

Andrew Pierce, the editor of the Daily Mail, was in the news again after he said something controversial about the death of Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

Pierce was asked to be on the GMB show by hosts Rob Rinder and Kate Garraway. During their talk, they talked about the death of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was only nine years old and was shot in Liverpool.

As soon as Andrew turned the talk away from Olivia and said, “It was a problem in the black community in many inner cities, and it needs to be talked about. We shouldn’t be afraid to say those things,” the topic quickly became controversial.

The angry GMB viewers called for Pierce to be kicked off the show because of this comment. Also, people in the crowd said that the Daily Mail’s associate editor made a racist remark when he pointed to the whole black community.

Early years

Pierce was born in Bristol to an Irish mother who was a Roman Catholic and a father who was not known. He spent his first two years in a Catholic orphanage in Cheltenham called Nazareth House. He was then taken in by a family from Swindon and raised on a council estate there. His adoptive father used to work on the assembly line at British Leyland, a car factory that was once owned by the government.

Pierce went to a state school in Swindon called St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic School, which is now called St. Joseph’s Catholic College. He did not attend college.

Andrew Pierce

Getting a job in journalism

Pierce used to work as an assistant editor for both The Daily Telegraph and The Times, and he used to be the political editor for The Times. He started working for the Daily Mail in 2009 as a columnist and consultant editor.

Pierce had a political radio show on the commercial station LBC 97.3 every Sunday morning from 2008 until 2012. In the last few years, Kevin Maguire from the Daily Mirror shared hosting duties with the host of that radio show. Pierce and Maguire keep reviewing, predicting, and breaking down the news and politics on BBC, ITV, and Sky News. On March 22, 2014, he began hosting a Saturday morning show on LBC Radio.

In 2014, the Daily Mail had to pay damages to Kirsten Farage because Pierce said in a column that she had been Nigel Farage’s mistress while he was still married to his first wife. At the time, Nigel Farage was the leader of UKIP. In May 2018, the Daily Mail gave £11,000 to the writer Kate Maltby to help pay for her legal fees. This was done after Pierce wrote an article about Maltby’s claims of sexual harassment against the politician Damian Green. The article was taken down from the Mail’s website, but the newspaper didn’t say it was wrong.

His LBC show is on air every Friday evening from 6 to 9 p.m.

He has a busy and controversial Twitter account. On May 29, 2022, he tweeted, “18 years after EU told government to take crown symbol off pint glasses, they’re back for #PlatinumJubilee Cheers, #Boris.” “.’ This is not true. The BBC reported that a spokesperson for the EU said, “EU law doesn’t stop markings from being put on products as long as they don’t overlap or get confused with the CE mark.”

Personal life

Pierce was raised as a Roman Catholic, and he still is. In 2005, The Observer chose him as one of the “gays who shape our new Britain.” As the Civil Partnership Act of 2004 says, he is in a long-term civil partnership and strongly supports them. [needs citation] He was against letting people of the same gender get married.

In a 2018 BBC documentary about Greg Owen and the court case National AIDS Trust v. NHS Service Commissioning Board, Pierce was very critical of the idea that taxpayers should pay for the HIV prevention drug PrEP: “This is about giving gay men a break if they don’t want to use a condom. Well, that’s just crazy. Why should gay people’s risky sexual lives be paid for by the rest of us?

Iris Award

The Iris Prize Festival is a five-day event open to the public in Cardiff, Wales. During the festival, the 30 short films that are in the running for the Iris Prize are shown. The Michael Bishop Foundation helps fund the Iris Prize, which is the largest LGBT short film prize in the world. The winner gets £30,000 to make their next short film in the UK. Some of the short films Iris has made, like Burger (2013), directed by Magnus Mork, and Followers (2015), directed by Tim Marshall, were both chosen for the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. In 2007, Andrew Pierce became the Iris Prize’s first Patron. In 2013, he also became the prize’s first Chair.

As chair of the Iris Prize, Pierce has been in charge of a number of important changes to the festival. At a launch party for the Iris Prize Festival in 2014, Pierce talked about a new part of the festival called “Best British Short.” Pierce also helped get a sponsorship deal with Pinewood Studios Group for £14,000 worth of post-production sound for the winning filmmaker. In January 2015, it was also said that the Iris Prize would go from being worth £25,000 to being worth £30,000.

Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Education, Hometown, and Nationality of Andrew Pierce: Patrick J. Connolly is a British journalist, editor, and radio and TV host who is best known as Andrew Pierce. He is also a well-known author and political analyst. Right now, he is in the news because he quit his job at GMB.

The early years of Andrew Pierce:

Patrick J. Connolly is Andrew Pierce’s real name. In 1961, he was born. But there is no information about when he was born. He grew up in the English city of Bristol. He is 60 years old right now. Pierce was born to an Irish mother who was a Roman Catholic. He was sent to an orphanage, where he lived for two years. Later, he was taken in by the Swindon family. British Leyland was where his foster father used to work.

There isn’t much information about his elementary school on the Internet. Andrew Pierce, on the other hand, signed up for St. Joseph’s Catholic College.

What Andrew Pierce Does:

Andrew Pierce became interested in politics on the right in 1979. He used to be the Assistant Editor at two newspapers called The Daily Telegraph and The Times Newspaper. He was also the Political Editor of the latter at one time. In 2009, Andrew Pierce also worked for the Daily Mail as a columnist and a consultant editor.

Andrew Pierce also had a political radio show on the commercial radio station every Sunday morning. In 2008, he started working for LBC98.3, and he quit in 2012. He is working right now on his LBC show, which airs every Friday from 6 to 9 p.m.

As a journalist, he had to go through a lot of ups and downs. Andrew wrote in a column that Nigel Farage’s ex-wife, Kirsten Farage, was his mistress. This was not true. Because of this, the daily mail had to pay the former money for slander. Kate Malby also had to get money from The Daily Mail because Andrew Pierce wrote an article about her without her permission.

Relationships of Pierce:

Andrew has talked to the public about the fact that he is gay. He is aware that he is gay. But as of now, he hasn’t told anyone who his partner is.

He could be alone. But he was one of the “Gays who shaped New Britain” who was very important.

Andrew is against people of the same gender getting married. But he likes the idea of civil partnerships that last for a long time. He has also been against the BBC documentary that talked about gay rights. He said that gay men shouldn’t be stopped from having a private relationship with another person.

How much Net worth:

Andrew Pierce is a well-known journalist who has a net worth of about $2,039,355. He makes most of his money as a journalist, but he also has other jobs on the side. He helped get Pinewood Studious Group to become a sponsor.

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