Who Is Anna Delvey? Know Anna Delvey Networth, Parents, Bio, and Instagram

Who Is Anna Delvey?

Anna Sorokinwas was born on  January 23, 1991. She is also known as Anna Delvey. Anna Delvey is a Russian-born German con artist. She is a fraudster who posed as a wealthy heiress to access the upper echelons of the New York social and art scenes from 2013 to 2017. On October 3, 2017, Anna Delvey was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in a sting operation planned by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. She survived off of bounced checks and fake wire transfers until 2017, when she was arrested in a sting operation outside the entrance of an upscale rehab facility in Malibu, California. She was sentenced to prison in 2019. In  February 2021, She was released from parole. With her debts settled, she checked into the NoMad Hotel in downtown Manhattan and resumed posting glam shots of her post-prison life on social media.


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Anna Delvey Net Worth

 Networth is the amount by which your assets exceed your liabilities. You have a good net worth range if your assets are more than your liabilities. On the other hand, you have a negative net worth if your liabilities are more significant than your assets. Our Anna Delvey’s networth is quite impressive and comes under the range of $60 Million. Our  Anna Delvey worked hard every time and made a networth level to the extent. Networth can be viewed as a financial report that allows you to calculate your current financial status and help you figure out how to reach your financial goals. As per filmysiyappa.com, Anna Delvey’s networth is  $60 Million.

Anna Delvey Parents

Anna Delvey’s father is Vadim Sorokin. Her mother owned a convenience store. Delvey’s father often travelled miles out of Eschweiler, a small industrial town in Germany, to buy his daughter designer clothes. He has continued to support Delvey’s lavish spending even to this day. Mr Sorokin believes his daughter’s behaviour is ‘dishonest and shameful’, and although she constantly ‘demands money, she has never once said she loves him. Delvey’s parents are Russian, but they moved to Germany when she was young to ‘build a better life for themselves outside their native country. Her father subsidised her rent and bought her a car, supporting his daughter through the initial stages of her career. As per Tatler. Com, we found the details of Anna Delvey’s parents details.


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Anna Delvey Bio

Particulars Details
Name Anna Delvey 
Birth January 23, 1991
Age 31 years old
Height 5 ft 5 inches
Weight 55 kg
Alma Mater Central Saint Martins (dropped out)
Networth $60 Million

Anna Delvey Instagram

Instagram users are decided to take on the role of social monitors and share the most vivid pieces of information with their followers. Instagram is practically magic because it allows you to go live and talk to people that you may never see in person throughout your whole life. In addition, these online tools will allow us to access different sources of information instantaneously. Our Anna Delvey is more active on Instagram, posting her day-to-day activities and engaging with her followers well. Anna has also shared screenshots of articles about her, complete with scathing captions, and selfies, sometimes using animal filters.


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