Who is Kevin Knowles From Warrnambool? Kirkstall Deaths Are Connected To A Local Suspect

Police charged Kevin Knowles, the suspect in a Warrnambool murder, with robbing a woman’s beloved dog.

He was discharged in February 1972 after working as a truck driver in the mines at Mount Tom Price in Western Australia for ten months to save money for university.

Furthermore, after graduation, Knowles was chosen for a year of intensive Japanese language study at the Australian National University in Canberra and Sophia University in Tokyo.

Who is Kevin Knowles From Warrnambool?

Kevin, from Warrnambool, retired in 2014 as an Assistant Commissioner with the Victorian Government and Investment Office.

He joined the regular army in 1968, and after completing his basic training, he was assigned to the air force school of languages to study Vietnamese. In April 1969, he was sent to Vietnam with the sixth battalion, which became an Anzac battalion.

He was assigned as a Vietnamese interpreter and intelligence liaison to a New Zealand infantry company. Similarly, he was involved in approximately 35 ambushes and small battles, where he was injured three times in mine and booby-trapped incidents.

Kirkstall Suspect in Kirkstall Deaths, Who Is Dion Clark?

A third man was discovered dead on Friday morning following a shooting in a small town in Victoria’s southwest.

Police were investigating after two men were found injured at Kirkstall, about 22 kilometers northwest of Warrnambool, around 10.20 a.m. However, two men were injured, but they died.

The Council of State Governments CSG Justice Center’s director of communications is Dion Clark. She has led the CSG Justice Center’s strategic communications and public affairs efforts with over two decades of experience in communications, public policy, and government.

What Are the Charges Against Kevin Knowles?

On December 7, 2016, Kevin was charged with Stephen Johnston’s death. Likewise, he has accepted a five-and-a-half-month prison sentence.

In addition, he married his Japanese wife in 1980 and had one daughter. Her daughter works as the international marketing manager for Tokyo’s Shinjuku Park Hyatt Hotel.

Kevin and his wife decided to retire to Japan after his parents died, and they now live in Kamakura.

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