Who Plays Jamie On Halloween? How Old is Jamie On Halloween?

Who Plays Jamie On Halloween?

Jamie is a character in the American slasher media franchise series, On Halloween. Various people have played various characters before. So people might be confused about who is actually playing the Jamie character On Halloween. So here you go! Well, as per collider.com Danielle Harris plays the role of Jamie On Halloween.

How old is Jamie On Halloween?

Jamie On Halloween is the most loved character by the people. As mentioned above various persons have played the character of Jamie . There are searches on How old is Jamie On Halloween, but there is no information about Jamie age on On Halloween. Stay connected to get more latest updates.


A thirteen-film American slasher franchise called Halloween also has novels, comic books, a video game, and other merchandize. Michael Myers, who was confined to a sanitarium as a youngster for the death of his sister, Judith Myers, is the main subject of the movies. He escapes fifteen years later and stalks and murders residents of the made-up town of Haddonfield, Illinois. All of the movies predominantly take place on Halloween, the day of Michael’s murders. John Carpenter and Debra Hill, the film’s director and producer, jointly wrote the 1978 original Halloween. The movie, which drew inspiration from Bob Clark’s Black Christmas and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, is credited with starting a lengthy tradition of slasher movies.

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