Why Was Senator Josh Hawley Escaping? Twitter Hearing Update On January 6

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Senator Josh Hawley’s name was called at the latest hearing for the infamous January 6 riot on Thursday.

Democratic congresswoman Elaine Luria released a video showing the Senator running away from the protestors after previously raising his fist in support of them.

January 6 only brings back bitter memories for Americans, as it marks a low point in American politics. Senator Hawley, on the other hand, running away from the protestor he supported elicited a burst of laughter in the hearing room.

Things have not remained the same for the Senator or the entire country since then.

Why Was Senator Josh Hawley Fleeing?

Senator Josh Hawley was seen running away after Trump protestors entered the U.S. Capitol, according to a video provided by Democratic congresswoman Elaine Luria.

It’s quite shocking to see the Senator fleeing after just a few moments of supporting the protest groups.

Everyone who has seen the video has been taken aback by his behavior. Meanwhile, Senator Hawley has remained silent in the face of the video and ongoing criticism.

As a result, the precise reason for him fleeing his own support group is unknown.

On the other hand, the general public and internet users have given various reasons for his escape.

Senator Josh Hawley Jan 6 Hearing Update On Twitter

Senator Josh Hawley is the one name that is currently being scrutinized everywhere, including on Twitter.

The recent hearing on January 6 has changed the Senator’s career trajectory. Twitter users have called Hawley a traitor and a coward for his actions.

According to independent reports, Congresswoman Luria revealed that Capitol police testified that Senator Hawley’s actions that day “riled up” the crowd.

He had supported and provoked Trump supporters that day, but had to flee when they entered and attacked the United States Capitol.

The incident was later used as justification to put Donald Trump and his supporters on the legal radar.

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