Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working Iphone, How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working On Iphone? 


Youtube’s main headquarters is situated in San Bruno, California. YouTube platform is a famous American social media and internet video-sharing network and was created on February 14, 2005, by creators named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim on February 14, 2005. After Google Search on the internet, the most searched platform Youtube is the second most frequently used onsite worldwide and is presently owned by Google. The current estimate of the app Youtube is that more than 2.5 billion people use YouTube each month and watch plenty of videos for one billion hours daily. In addition, over 500 hours of daily content creators are uploading every minute of video as of May 2019.

Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working Iphone

Make sure YouTube Picture in Picture is turned on on your device before attempting these options. Instead, adhere to these instructions for users of iPhone :

  • Select Apps from the Settings menu.

  • Select Configure Apps from the More menu.

  • Nuanced Picture in Picture, then select Special Access.

  • After that, turn on Picture in Picture for YouTube by flipping the switch.

  • Click on your profile image in the top right corner of the YouTube app.

  • Select General from the Settings menu.

  • Set Picture in Picture

How To Fix Youtube Picture In Picture Not Working On Iphone?

Update Your Youtube App

  • The YouTube app on your iPhone must first be updated to the most recent version. On the iPhone, not many people update their apps. Therefore Picture in Picture may not function due to an outdated build.

  • On your iPhone, open the App Store and navigate to your account. On the iPhone, select the updates menu, search for YouTube, and download the most recent version.

Update Your IOS

  • Apple enabled Picture in Picture on the iPhone only with the release of iOS 14. The outdated build prevents users from allowing PiP in any app, let alone YouTube.

  • Go to General > Software Update in Settings and update iOS to the most recent version.

Subscribe To Youtube Premium Account

  • Unfortunately, YouTube has chosen to restrict the use of Picture in Picture to only Premium subscribers.

  • PiP mode for the iPhone requires YouTube Premium, which may be purchased online or through a mobile app.

  • You may access YouTube without ads, download an unlimited number of videos, play videos in the background, and subscribe to YouTube Music with YouTube Premium.

Enable The Youtube Format Picture In Picture (PIP)

Step 1: Open YouTube on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Tap the profile icon up top.

Step 3. Navigate to Settings.

Step 4: Open and try out the new features menu. 

Step 5: Enable the iPhone’s YouTube Picture in Picture mode.

Turn On The Picture In Picture Mode

Step 1: Open your YouTube app on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Select Settings from the Account Profile menu.

Step 3: Choose General.

Step 4: Select “Picture in Picture” from the available option.

Try Using Youtube In Different Browsers

  • It’s time to switch the format to the mobile browser if YouTube Picture in Picture is still not working for you despite trying all the abovementioned ways.

  • Visit YouTube using Safari or Google Chrome browsers. Enter your login information to play a YouTube video.

  • Try to minimize the application while displaying the entire YouTube video in landscape mode. A floating YouTube video on the iPhone home screen will start to play.

History Of Youtube

Youtube creators such as Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim created this app on YouTube. The creators of Youtube were early PayPal employees, making them wealthy once eBay acquired the business. An account that frequently appeared in the media claims that Hurley and Steve created the new concept of creating a network called YouTube in the initial months of 2005. At the initial stage, they had trouble sharing movies they had recorded at a dinner party at Chen’s residence in San Francisco. 

About Youtube

Type of site Online video platform
Founded February 14, 2005
Headquarters 901 Cherry Avenue

San Bruno, California, United States

Founders Chad Hurley

Steve Chen

Jawed Karim

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