Who Is Andrew Wright – Know The Choreographer’s Allegations, Age, Wife & Wiki

Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is an award-winning multimedia artist who is mostly known for his video and large-scale photography projects.

Andrew Wright is also known for his position as an Australian Ballet’s Philanthropy Ambassador. After joining the Australian Ballet in 2004, he opened his gate for travel to Europe in a scholarship from the company in 2007.

Australian Ballet School in 2001 welcomed him, where he got an opportunity to study with Canada’sNational Ballet School and School of American Ballet as an exchange student.

He has won twofold Oliver Award, WhatsOnStage Award twice, Carl Alan Award, and many more.

Andrew Wright Age

Andrew Wright’s exact age has not been revealed yet. However, he began dancing at Christine Water School of Dance in the year 1990. This was the time just before he completed his VCE.

So he must be around 16 years at that time. Therefore, the dance savvy must be about 37 years old if he joined the school at 5.

He was involved in the fundraiser program for motor neuron disease with his family on his family member’s birthday back in 2019.

Andrew Wright Wife

Andrew Wright’s wife is unrevealed, and we doubt if he’s married. But he shares his bonding with Brooke Lockett, who calls him as best friend and partner in crime.

He began taking online dancing classes around the time of the Covid Pandemic. The ballet savvy seems to be highly passionate about his work which aims at helping people with dancing.

On the other hand, he has a pet named canine, with who he loves to spend time. He revealed that he is fond of investing energy in his family. He was seen on gala 2018 with his beautiful date and but we don’t know if they are still together.

Learn about Andrew Wright Choreographer Allegations

Andrew Wright is expected as a choreographer in Break The Dance Floor Company, one of the world’s most leading dance entertainment companies.

But neither of them has addressed the arrival of Andrew. However, there have been posts from people regarding the subject matter.

Let’s see if this is just an allegation or the truth.


Andrew Wright has limited details on Wikipedia. Very few of him can be known in the Wikipedia of The Australian Ballet, which of course, excludes his birth date.

On the other hand, he happens to be on Twitter but is rarely seen active.

He loves traveling, and his best city is New York.

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