Asian Doll Arrested, Why Is Asian Doll In Jail?

Who Is Asian Doll?

Asian Doll is an American rapper from Dallas who was also the first female artist to have signed Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records. Not someone to shy away from the spotlight, she has been trending recently, especially the key – Asian Doll arrested when she on her Instagram posted a story stating she was arrested. This has sparked the interest of her fans, who have begun searching online if Asian Doll arrested and, if so, why is Asian Doll in jail. Let us find out all about the news that Asian Doll arrested and why is Asian Doll in jail.

Asian Doll Arrested

Asian Doll on her Instagram story posted the news of her arrest. Her story read 

“Sorry Alabama and dc I won’t be making it i’ve been detainedwhile it’s my & I dont see a judge unitil Monday I’ll make it up to y’all love y’all stay safe.”

It is not celar as why Asian Doll arrested, though Asian Doll was recently at a concert at a North Carolina college homecoming where two people were shot and others were injured as they fled gunfire that broke out this could be the reason.


Image Source – YouTube

Why Is Asian Doll In Jail?

It is not clear as to why was Asian Doll arrested what we do know is that she was arested before her show in Alabama and DC as she had posted in the Instagram story apologising for not making it to the show in Alabama and DC. She also informed her fans that she wont be able to see a Judge until Monday. From her Instagram and from other Youtube sources it can be understood that she might have been arrested on Friday or over the weekend which rendered her unable to see the judge until Monday.

Her most recent post stated that she was denied bond and is still in jail. This message was almost 12 hours ago. 

“Bond was denied! Still in Jail. Sorry to my fans about the shows I missed. Love y’all, be back soon”


Image Source: Instagram

Asian Doll Real Name

Asian Doll is the stage name of Misharron Jermeisha Allen. Asian Doll is in fact just one of the many names she goes by. Asian Da Brat, and simply Asian are other names Asian Doll is known by. Born on December 7, 1996 Misharron Jermeisha Allen dropped out in the 12th grade and went on to become a famous rapper.


Image Source: Instagram

Asian Doll Before Surgery

When Asian Doll arrested became trending people also began searching for Asian Doll before surgery. Many sources especially Youtube channels have claimed that Asian Doll has done plastic surgery. One such Youtube channel World Star Hip Hop News stated that Asian Doll has undergone surgery for a Lips Filler, Nose Job,  Boob and Butt Job.


Image Sources: YouTube

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