B67 TV Tower Tragedy, B67 TV Tower Is It Real? B67 Tower Height And Location

B67 TV Tower Tragedy

Three teenage girls scaled the tower on May 9, 2000, to view the Victory Day fireworks. One of them fell and the other two followed her. Despite not hitting the ground all the way, they were seriously hurt. The Tower of Death’s final victim was the first girl, who passed away. In the days that followed the horrific accident, the entrance was sealed by the authorities. Security guards were employed in 2017 as a result of certain extreme climbers succeeding in entering the tower despite its closure.

B67 TV Tower Is It Real?

The performers had to perform on a scary set: a 60-foot tower perched atop a sheer cliff in the Mojave desert, even if the movie wasn’t actually shot at the real B67 TV Tower, which is twice as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

B67 Tower Height

“Fall” takes influence from these movies and puts you in the character’s shoes while being shot in real time. It was crucial to capture it accurately. Let’s talk about the movie’s monster, the 2000-foot-tall B67 TV Tower, which is incredibly genuine and nearly twice as big as the Eiffel Tower.

B67 Tower Location

The abandoned 2000-foot B67 TV Tower that Becky and Hunter climb is a real tower.  The KXTV/KOVR radio tower, commonly known as the Sacramento Joint Venture Tower, served as the inspiration for the movie, the director claims. It is actually a guyed communication tower in Walnut Grove, California.

Fall Movie Info

Fall is a 2022 survival thriller film that Scott Mann co-wrote and directed. The movie, starring Mason Gooding, Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is about two ladies who climb a 2,000-foot radio tower and become stuck at the top with no way back down.


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Lionsgate Films’ Fall had its American theatrical debut on August 12, 2022. Critics appreciated Mann’s direction, atmosphere, photography, suspense, and the performances of Currey and Gardner but criticised the narrative, special effects, and pacing of the movie. The movie made $16 million worldwide and generally garnered favourable reviews.

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