BJP, TRS using corruption money for horse trading, says Rahul Gandhi

He said both the parties were spending hundreds of crores. “Where is this money coming from. It’s obviously coming from corruption and being distributed blatantly with no regard for any rule,” he said, addressing a news conference during Bharat Jodo Yatra in Rangareddy district.

Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP and the TRS have similarities. “Both steal public money and use to influence elections,” he said when asked to comment on the recent incident in which three alleged agents of BJP were arrested while trying to buy four MLAs of TRS.

He ruled out any truck with the TRS. “There is absolutely no question of Congress having any relationship with the TRS. We have made it clear. The confusion is created by TRS themselves,” he said.

Replying to another query, he said the decision not to have any relationship with the TRS was the decision of the combined leadership of Telangana.

“We can’t stand with the corruption and the approach and attitude of TRS which is looting people of Telangana, snatching lands of Dalits and tribals, privatising education. We are diametrically opposite to what they are doing,” he said.

“If Nitish Ji wants to talk TRS that is his concern, his desire. He is welcome to do it,” he remarked when asked about Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s talks with the TRS.

On the TRS deciding to go national by changing its name to BRS, the Congress leader remarked that any leader has the right to imagine his party in whatever way he wants. “If the Chief Minister of Telangana believes he is running a national party, it is perfectly okay. There is no problem. If he believes he is running a global party, that is also acceptable. He can imagine fighting elections in the United States and China. We are perfectly happy to accept it,” he said.

The Congress MP exuded confidence that Congress will win the next elections in Telangana.

He brushed aside questions about infighting in the party.

“Our party is democratic. It is not run on dictatorship. Our is the only party which conducts internal election. This is our DNA and the discussion is in our nature. We will fight the elections together and win. There is no doubt about it.”

He claimed that Congress demonstrated it is a democratic party by holding election across for the post of party President.

“I am wondering when other parties will have election. When will the RSS, the BJP, and he TRS have elections. Interestingly, press always asks Congress. It never ever dares to ask about democracy in TRS, RSS and BJP,” he said.

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