Who Was Briar Huff? Know Her Age At The Time Of Death- What Was Her Death Cause?

Briar Huff was a notable officer at the (LVMPD) Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Her death news has hit the web saddening the Las Vegas residents.

Huff was notable as Officer 2 as she was a veteran in the law enforcement team.


Briar Huff also called Officer 2 was a veteran of a decade in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

She has been described as a kind-hearted and friendly person, willing to help others and be a strong role model for others.

Huff was notable for her friendly behavior in the department and also for her duty.

It is quite a hard time for the Huff family and her department to lose such a gem at a young age.

She was a woman in her 30s balancing between her police duties and also her personal life.

Age At Time Of Death

Her exact day and date of birth are still disclosed. But As from social sites it is estimated that she was in her 30s as of death. As we get the information about her birth it will be updated here.

What Was The Cause of Her Death?

Briar Huff was first offered an obituary by the Vegasthinlineblue.

The media outlet is famous for providing content and news update on law enforcement of Southern Nevada.

However, the source has not revealed the reason behind Huff’s death cause as of yet.

The media source has even offered any help to the Huff family and friends.

We will update this section as soon as we trace down the complete details on Huff’s death very shortly.

That’s all about Briar Huff’s biography. If you find anything that needs correction, then please leave a comment below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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