Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review, How Spicy Is The Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper?

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper

Burger King came up with another burger, the limited-time-only Ghost Pepper Whopper. This Whopper served on an orange bun with black sesame seeds, has a flame-broiled Whopper patty, ghost pepper cheese, bacon, spicy queso, and crispy jalapeños. Many are saying that this burger is giving them a Halloween spirit. Scroll down and get the Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review

The Ghost Pepper Whopper starts with a single standard flame-grilled Whopper patty and it is topped with bacon, spicy queso sauce, crispy jalapeños, and Ghost Pepper cheese. Together is a vibrant orange Whopper bun coated in black sesame seeds.

The three partnering to serve up Scovilles are the jalapeños, Ghost Pepper cheese, and queso. So, altogether, they bring a slow burn of heat. But the burger is good.

How Spicy Is The Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper?

The heat level varies based on how much queso any given bite features. It is said that the first bite was dominated by the smokiness of BK’s signature flame-broiled patty, with bacon background and the second bite is said to have brought heat because of the queso, which appeared to be the cause for the majority of the sandwich’s spiciness. Thrillist says the queso overshadowed the heat of the Ghost Pepper cheese, and the jalapeños mostly made themselves known through their crunchy texture rather than their flavor.

Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Taste

The Ghost Pepper Whopper can be seen on a saturated orange bun studded with black sesame seeds. The sight of the burger will give you a Halloween feel. In addition, it is said that the bun’s dryness helped make it a solid base for the assembly of toppings adorning it. So far, the burger is getting an excellent review. Yes, the burger is spicy, but it is also good.

Ghost Pepper Whopper In Burger King

Burger King created a spice for the season with a limited edition Ghost Pepper Whopper. The limited edition treat comes in at a whopping $7.99. Dennis Lee wrote a review of the burger. He wrote, “It’s one thing if you’ve got money to burn, but I think that $8 in your pocket can be better served getting a better deal somewhere else. Maybe nothing else as orange, though.”


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