Corey Kelly Missing – Is He Found?


A grandmother in the Lowcountry claims that three years after her grandson (Corey Tahj Kelly) vanished, she is still experiencing unbearable grief.

The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office is convinced that Corey Kelley was not abducted but rather was the victim of an incident.

When ABC News 4 visited Corey’s grandmother’s home in Cross recently, his family for the first time discussed their sorrow and concerns.

Corey’s room hasn’t been altered, according to Ms. Barbara. She continues to believe that Corey will return to her one day.

“I am hoping he will walk through the door and ring the phone. I love him very much,” says Ms. Barbara.

He was last seen on September 11, 2017. Corey was 19 years old when he disappeared and he hasn’t been found yet.

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