Delhi L-G has never been abusive in his communication with CM: L-G Secretariat

On the contrary, even in matters of extreme breach of properiety or blatant verbal misconduct on the part of the Chief Minister, his ministers and members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the L-G has ignored and refrained from making any comment, the statement said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Kejriwal had said during a media briefing, “I have noticed that the kind of language used by the L-G is very unfortunate and abusive at times. However, I have no problems with it. Arvind Kejriwal is not important, what the L-G says to Kejriwal is not really the issue. My only ambition is to serve the people of Delhi well.”

Kejriwal added, “But what bothers me is that when the L-G abuses Kejriwal, he is not just abusing me but the Chief Minister of Delhi. This is a constitutional post. The CM of Delhi is the CM of over 2 crore people of the national capital. By abusing the CM, you are also abusing 2 crore people who have given this opportunity to Arvind Kejriwal. You are also abusing the mandate that these people have given to me and my party. This I think is very unfortunate on the part of the the L-G. The people of Delhi do not deserve this. Also, no good has ever come out by using abusive language.”

Refuting Kejriwal’s claims, the L-G office said that the Lieutenant Governor has never been abusive in his communication with the Chief Minister.

“It may be noted that it took the Delhi Hight Court to reprimand and restrain them from being abusive towards the L-G,” read the L-G office statement.

“Even in matters of procedural impropriety, deliberate lapses and apparent misdemenour in matters of governance affecting the people of Delhi, the L-G has conveyed his views in writing, in a most dignified, proper and parliamentary language. His choice of words even in conveying his displeasure or non-concurrence over valid issues of concern to the people of Delhi has been more than civil and proper,” it added.

“It is unfortunate that an issue is being tried to be manufactured with the help of predecided planted questions through the media, where none exist. This is obviously an attempt to deflect people’s attention from real issues that have recently come to the fore and should be avoided by the CM. It will do the people of Delhi a lot of good if the CM and his government follow the advice or directions given by the LG in a constitutionally valid manner and in unquestionably dignified, civil and proper language,” the statement read.

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