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Denise Rutkowski

Denise Lynn Rutkowski, commonly known as Denise Rutkowski, was a famous American Professional female bodybuilder. she made her first professional debut in 1993 IFEB Jan Tana Classic. Denise had a very short bodybuilding career. She retired from her bodybuilding career after finishing 2nd in the Ms.Olympia contest in 1993, and her sudden retirement shocked her fans. In this article, we will see the current updates of Denise Rutkowski Before and After in this article.

Denise Rutkowski Before And After

As per Lamuscle, we learned that Denise Rutkowski’s appearance was entirely changed because of her excessive use of steroids. She now looks like a man. She quotes her bodybuilding profession in 1993 after becoming the runner-up in the Ms. Olympia Contest. She had Bipolar disorder because of her excess usage of drugs and Steroids.

Denise Rutkowski Before And After Pictures

Here with we have given the pictures of Denise Rutkowski Before and After pictures. Her physical appearance has changed entirely because of her excessive usage of drugs. Now she looks like a man.

Denise Rutkowski Before Pic


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Denise RutKowski After pic


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Denise Rutkowski Bodybuilder Now

Denise Rutkowski now seems to live a quiet, private life after quitting their bodybuilding career. She went to texas and continued her studies at the Bible College, and now she is doing religious preaching. She engaged in various philanthropic activities, such as helping and caring for underprivileged children. Excess usage of drugs and stories changed her appearance. Now she looks like a man. Eventhough she had a brief career in bodybuilding, she had a unique place in it.

Denise Rutkowski Bio

Specifications Details
Name Denise Rutkowski
Nickname The Golden Panther, Raven
Birth Year 1962
Place Of Birth Pennsylvania U.S
Occupation Bodybuilder
Achievements IFEB Jan Tana Classic Champion in the year 1993

Denise Rutkowski’s Net worth

Denise Rutkowski’s Net Worth is around $17million.she is one of the most famous lady bodybuilders in America. Denise had a brief period career in bodybuilding. She quit her career soon after finishing 2nd in the Ms.Olympia contest in 1993. But she had a unique place and a huge fan base in the bodybuilding field. We will update you if we get any update about Denise Rutkowski’s Net Worth.

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Denise Rutkowski Height

Denise Rutkowski Height is 5.5 Inches, and she once had a strong physic and dusky skin tone, but now her physical appearance was changed. She looks like a man because of her excessive usage of Drugs. Further details about her physical appearance are unknown. If we get any information regarding this, we will update you.

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Denise Rutkowski Age

Denise Rutkowski’s Age is 60. She is a former American professional Bodybuilder. Denise had a brief period in the Bodybuilding field. She retired from bodybuilding soon after finishing 2nd in the Ms.Olympia Contest. Now she lives a simple life doing her religious preaching work and helping underprivileged children.

Reference Source: Networthpost

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