Did Harriet Tubman Have Siblings, Everything About Harriet Tubmans Family

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was an American Social Activist who was born into slavery. As a child, she worked in the home of the planter James Cook. She had witnessed a lot of difficulties in her childhood. She wanted to escape slavery and long for a life of freedom with dignity. Harriet escaped slavery very young and rescued nearly 70 enslaved people, including her family members and friends, from slavery. She made nearly 13 missions to rescue the people from slavery. She also served as an armed scout and Spy for the Union Army during the American Civil War.

Did Harriet Tubman Have Siblings?

As per the Source of homework.study.com, we learned that Harriet Tubman had Siblings and her brothers and sisters also sold like Tubman to work in the Plantations. They led very pathetic life and were treated like animals by their owners. Later, Harriet Tubman initiated the rescue of his brothers and sisters. She succeeds in rescuing a few of them from slavery. She faced many obstacles in this rescue mission. 

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Did Harriet Tubman Have A Sister?

Harriet Tubman has four: Mariah Ritty Ross, Lina Ross, Racheal Ross, and Soph Ross. Like Harriet, they also lived a slave life. Harriet made a great effort to rescue her sisters from slavery, but unfortunately, she can’t able to rescue their sisters from slavery because they were sold far away from the land she didn’t get the details about them.

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Harriet Tubman Biography

Specifications Details
Name Harriet Tubman
Birth Name Araminta “Minty” Ross
Year Of Birth March 1822
Place Of Birth Maryland U.S
Occupation Civil Rights Activist, Civil War Scout Spy
Martial Status Married
Achievements Rescued 70 Slaves from Slavery
Died On March 10, 1913

How Siblings Did Harriet Tubman Have

Harriet Tubman has eight siblings here, and we have given them the details.
1. Linah Ross

Linah Ross is the older sister of Harriet Tubman. She was married to Harkness Jolley, and no information about her is available.

2. Mariah Ross

Mariah Ross is one of the sisters of Harriet Tubman. She was sold into Slavery in the year 1825. There is no information available about her.

3. Soph Ross

Soph Ross was Harriet’s Older Sister. She was sold for Slavery at a young age; there is no information available about her.

4. Robert Ross

Harriet Tubman rescued Robert Ross along with his Brothers Henry and Ben. He was a slave of Dr.Anthony Thompson. He married Mary Manokey, but pathetically he didn’t rescue his wife and children from Slavery.

5. Ben Ross

Ben Ross’s full name was Benjamin Ross. He was an enslaved person under Eliza Ann Brodess. He escaped from Slavery in the year 1849 along with his brother Henry. He married a slave woman Horatio Jones.

6. Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross is Harriet’s Younger sister. There is no information available about her. She had two children, namely Ben and Angeline. Rachel died when Harriet tried to rescue her sister’s children, but the owner of the children asked for 30 dollars to release the children. Harriet was unable to give that money to rescue them. They remained in Slavery; hence their status was unknown.

7. Henry Ross

Henry Ross is the brother of Harriet Tubman. He escaped from Slavery in the year 1849, and after that, he married a woman called Harriet Ann Parker. They have one son, namely William Henry Stewart Jr.

8. Moses Ross

Moses Ross is the youngest sibling of the Tubman family. He escaped from Slavery in the year 1851. There needs to be more information about his life.

There is only limited information available about Harriet Tubman’s Siblings. If we get any details about them, we will update you.

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How Many Family Members Did Harriet Tubman Have?

Harriet Tubman was born into a big family. Her parents also lived a slave life. Their names are Harrit Green and Ben Ross. She 9 siblings, but unfortunately, she didn’t grow up with her siblings and parents. They lived separately as slaves of the dominant white people of America. They lived a very pathetic lifestyle. As a child, Harriet didn’t get the love and protection from her family. She longs to get love from their family. Despite all these difficulties, she loves her family and has a lot of affection for her siblings. Harriet got succeeded in rescuing her brothers and sisters from Slavery.

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