Farzan Faaiz: ‘Dil Hai Khilaf’ is an emotional song of boy’s tough time in love

Farzan Faaiz said: “The song is written by my dad Faaiz Anwar, one of the best Lyricists of Hindi Film Industry, and composed by me. It’s an emotional romantic song telling a story of boy having tough time in love. The song is filled with a lot of passion, energy and love. There is a certain harmony in music which creates a synergy between voice and lyrics to represent a period of time when your heart is broken and you are going through ups and downs.”

“My song holds meaning for all and sundry because everyone goes through such feelings at some point in life. There’s something between anger and softness that I tried to get in balance in the melody and lyrics.

His debut single as a singer arrived eight years after he debuted as music composer.

Why did it take so long and what’s the main sentiment you have now that it’s out?

“I’m actually very happy that it’s out. It’s better to begin late and come prepared. Being a composer I could have come up with a single any time; but I thought my voice was not matured enough and needed some honing. Coming out of a lot of isolation from the recent Covid lockdown, the challenge was to find my own sound, my own mechanic of the work routine.”

“It was about the reflection on, for example, how to sing the song; what should be the composition and melody. With ‘Dil Hai Khilaf’ I felt I can justify that reflection. The last challenging process was the mixing and mastering because those were the last touches to the songs I worked on very minutely. It’s kind of technical but still very important: that was the real debut experience for me.”

Talking about how he rates his song, Farzan Faaiz said: “You cannot rate your debut work. Irrespective of everything, your debut work becomes special and closest to your heart. I am very emotional and feel overwhelmed when I think about it.”

Baba Beats is releasing the song. Talking about how he convinced them to release his song, he said: “My dad being a famous lyricist helped. Prakash Rohra happenes to be a common friend with Nikhil Tanwani of Baba Beat, owner of Baba Films. When they heard the song, they liked it and wanted to release it. I was more than happy to have Baba Beats for my debut musical platform as it is a reputed company.”

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