FFXIV Launcher A Technical Issue Has Occurred, How To Fix FFXIV Launcher Error Code Issue?

Ffxiv Launcher A Technical Issue Has Occurred

While researching the possible ways to fix the issue, we come across some prevalent yet significant causes of this Error. First, the Error can occur due to your network. Network issues like DNS and DNS client service might not be responding. Furthermore, the Error can also happen because of SSL and trusted site issues. Also, many users have claimed that the Error appears due to problems with the FFXIV_BOOT.cfg file.

Ffxiv A Technical Issue Has Occurred

Final Fantasy 14 (Ffxiv) is one of the most familiar. At the same time, it wasn’t successful when it was first released. But, later, it continued to gather Steam and subscribers, now regularly played and enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. But, of course, it is an online game; sometimes, problems can prevent you from playing it. One is the “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Launcher error. Unfortunately, due to its name, this Error doesn’t tell you more about what happened and if there is any way to fix it. So, we have decided to write this guide for FFXIV A Technical Issue that has Occurred, Launcher Error, and explain what you can do to fix this yourself.


Ffxiv Launcher Technical Issue 

Constantly getting the “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Error, the first thing you can do is a straightforward method – changing your Steam name has helped most players having this problem. It occurs when you have non-alphanumeric characters (such as @, !, $, etc.) in your Steam name. Unfortunately, the FFXIV launcher does not like these characters, which often causes the “A Technical Issue Has Occurred” Error.

The second thing, delete your ECT folder. Go to FFXIV installed, and look for this folder. After you have deleted it, restart Steam and then try to rerun the game. Hopefully, this should resolve the issue. And if neither of these solutions has worked, you have one more thing to try. It requires that you uninstall and then reinstall FFXIV from scratch. We know this will take a lot of time and bandwidth, but it’s the only method to fix this launcher error.

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How To Fix FFXIV Launcher Error Code Issue?

Let’s proceed to our central part, possible ways To Fix FFXIV Launcher Error. Below are all the methods and tips to eliminate Fix this Error. All the techniques have been demonstrated using steps.

Restart the Game & System

Usually, there are fair chances that the FFXIV Launcher Error 2146697211 is temporary, as multiple users have claimed that the Error vanishes after restarting the game. However, at the same time, some say that the Error goes away after restarting the system. So it is highly suggested that you follow the below two tips.

Restart the game. If the Error persists, Restart the system.

Disable the Firewall

Firewalls often create hindrances while gaming. In these cases as well. However, if you are using any third-party antivirus, disable it. Follow the FFXIV Launcher Error 30413 steps to disable the firewall.

STEP 1- Simultaneously press the Windows+R key, and a run window will open
STEP 2- In the search field, Put Control Panel followed by an enter
STEP 3- Once you get into the control panel, go to System and Security settings
STEP 4- On the top right, you will see Windows Firewall. Click on it, In the windows firewall window on the left, click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off link
STEP 5- A window named customize settings will open up
STEP 6- It would help if you chose to Turn off the Windows Firewall for both Private and Public network settings. Once you have made the changes, save them and restart your system to get back from this FFXIV Launcher Error 30413.

Run the Launcher as Administrator

Multiple users have reported that if you try to run the game without admin privileges, the FFXIV Launcher Error cannot download patch files. Follow the steps to fix that.

STEP 1- Right Click on the Launcher file
STEP 2- Choose Run as an admin
STEP 3- For a Permanent fix, Right Click on the installer file
STEP 4- Go to Properties
STEP 5- Click on Compatibility Tab
STEP 6- Run this program as an Administrator
STEP 7- Click on Apply and then OK
STEP 8- Now run the game without FFXIV Launcher Error -2146697208

Changing the SSL Certificate

From the FFXIV Launcher Error 2146697211 statement, we can see that the Error talks about HTTPS. So there might be chances that the SSL certificate is an older version. So follow the below steps to fix it.

STEP 1- Go to the Start Menu, then go to Control Panel
STEP 2- Head to Network and Internet Settings in the control panel window.
STEP 3- Go to Internet Options; a new window will pop up; click on Advanced Tab
STEP 4- Now below, scroll and look for SSL 2.0; if there is 3.0, check it as well
STEP 5-Once you find it, Checkmark it and save the changes to eliminate FFXIV Launcher Error.

Tweaking FFXIV_Boot File

his method demonstrates the FFXIV Launcher Error: unable to download patch files pc issue related to the FFXIV_BOOT.cfg file.

STEP 1. To fix the FFXIV_BOOT.cfg file, navigate to
STEP 2. Inside the folder, locate FFXIV_BOOT.cfg
STEP 3. Now open FFXIV_BOOT.cfg with Notepad
STEP 4. Locate the below text and make sure that 0 and 1 are put as mentioned below


We have covered all the possible ways to fix FFXIV Launcher Error. We have also gone through the possible causes behind this Error. We hope your issue has been resolved.

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