Gallery Girls Where are they Now? Where are Gallery Girls?

Gallery Girls is a famous American reality television series it premiered on Bravo. This series first premiered on  13th August 2012. The main cast of this series is Liz Margulies, Kerri Chadwick, Claudia Reardon, Angela Pham, Amy Pollakoff, and Maggie Schaffer. 

Specifications  Details 
Title  Gallery Girls
Producers  Alexandra Lipsitz

Dan Cutforth 

Jane Lipsitz

Kris Lindquist 

Production Company  Magical Elves Productions 
Network  Bravo 
Origin  US 
No. of seasons  1
No. of episodes 

As per, the details about Gallery Girls Where Are They Now are, 

Chantal Chadwick

Chadwick is now named Chantal Michelle. First, she became a partner at an Assortment art agency, helping brands create websites, campaigns, events and more. Now she had started focusing on music, teaming with producer Brian Allen Simon and she had a group called Pétra. Also, she mentioned that, 

“Living in New York taught me how to hustle, how to be uncomfortable most of the time, and how to use that discomfort to inform my creative process,”

Kerri Lisa 

Lisa has the most strong work ethic. 
Her statement was, 

“I also facilitate all of the art requests that come into the company like finding/locating a certain work, planning art functions and events such as Art Basel.”

As per the recent update she outlined throughout the series, She had started her brand, merging art and hospitality. For this, she left her Four Hundred to form her own company, and the company name is The Travel Studio. 

Liz Margulies 

She was born into the industry and self-identified in the art world without using her father’s connections because her father is a world-renowned collector Marty Margulies. Liz did her education in design and higher studies in modern and contemporary art. As per the recent update, she still resides in New York City.

Amy Poliakoff 

Poliakoff’s father lets her live in her N.Y.C. apartment. And she mentioned,  It’s New York!”
She spent her life in Florida, her native, for five years working in the Big Apple, and she was back to her hometown, which is in Miami. She had already worked as a director in a sales team and an art consultant for two significant galleries. Also, she earned her journalism degree at the University of Miami in 2021.

Maggie Schaffer

Maggie Schaffer’s role has been notable since  Gallery Girls got ended.   As per the update given by Bravo in the year 2015, she left the  gallery  and  mentioned, 

“I don’t know if this shady, every-man-for-themselves environment is too much for me,” “I’ll be the first to say I don’t know if I’m cut out for it, and it breaks my heart to think that.”

Claudia Martinez Reardon 

After her end in the series, she kept her social media profile low and was on private social media. But it is still unclear that she is still in the art of the world.

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