What Is the Problem With Graham Thorpe? Update on Illness and Health in 2022

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Graham Thorpe, who was admitted to the hospital in May with a serious illness, has been replaced as Afghanistan’s head coach by Jonathan Trott. As a result, fans are concerned about the former England player once more.

Thorpe represented England on an international level while also playing for Surrey County Cricket Club on a domestic level. Despite being born right-handed, he is a left-handed middle-order batter. He has played in over 100 test matches.

What Happned To Graham Thorpe

Graham Thorpe, former England, and Surrey cricketer was diagnosed with a medical condition in May. The former athlete, 52, was reportedly hospitalized.

The Professional Cricketers Association revealed shocking information about the former athlete. The statement was released, however, after Thorpe’s family requested the PCA.

Furthermore, unlike the majority of the players, despite being right-handed, he changed his stance when he was only six years old. He chose to change from right-hander to left-hander while playing cricket with his two elder brothers in the garden to make it difficult for them and have shorter boundaries on the left-handed leg side.

Despite this, he made his Surrey debut in 1988 and his international debut in 1993. He performed admirably in the second innings of his debut test match against Australia. He was then on 114 and not out.

Is Graham Thorpe Hospitalized In 2022?

Thorpe fans were shocked to learn that he had been hospitalized due to a serious illness in May 2022. People were also concerned when PCA revealed that he had an uncertain prognosis. As a result, his health update has become a major concern for cricket fans.

Following his illness, PCA issued the statement at the request of the Graham family. However, the association has also asked for the athlete and his family’s privacy at this time, according to the Daily Mail.

Similarly, recent news of him being replaced as Afghanistan’s coach by another former cricketer has alarmed his supporters. As a result, they are waiting for an update on his health from his family or the association, just as they did before.

Where Is Graham Now? Is he still in charge of England?

Graham may still be taking medications and getting health checks after being given a prognosis. During his post-playing career for his national team between 2010 and 2022, the former England player also served as a batting coach. However, following the team’s poor performance, he stepped down as England’s coach.

But in March, he was reassigned as Afghanistan’s coach. However, due to his illness, it appears he will be unable to train the team. So, only four months after being appointed, he has been replaced by Jonathan Trott, another former England batter.

Everyone seemed concerned about his health and illness after the news broke on the internet.

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