HBO Max Sign In With Provider Not Working, How To Fix HBO Max Provider Sign In Not Working?

HBO Max 

HBO Max is a popular American OTT video streaming platform. Its headquarters are in New York City, United States. It is owned by Warner Bros.Discovery, and it was launched on 27th May 2020 in the United States. Its parent organisation is Warner Bros.Discovery Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment. The other libraries around this network are Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, etc. HBO Max is currently in active status.  

HBO Max Sign In With Provider Not Working

As per help. hbomax, first try to use a different browser or clear your browsing data of the browser you use. Then, open the HBO Max and try again to sign in and make sure that you have signed in to the HBO Max with the other devices. You can also try it on its website at or check with the HBO Max app on your mobile phone in iOS or Android.   

How To Fix HBO Max Provider Sign In Not Working Issue? 

Some of the steps to be followed to fix the HBO Max sign in error are;

Method 1: Use the right credentials 

  • If it shows an error, your password may be sensitive. For example, if your password is in capital letters, change at the small note and then check that you are using the proper credentials. 

Method 2: Check the HBO Max servers

  • While you login to the HBO Max and it shows there are a server status problem and again you refresh and repeatedly showing the same problem, facing the same issues, check the DownDetector for the real-time status 

Method 3: Restart or refresh the app

  • When you log in to HBO Max, it shows there is a server status problem, and again you refresh and repeatedly show the same problem, facing the same issues; check the DownDetector for the real-time status. 

Method 4: Reset your password 

  • If your mail id or password was incorrect and you tried it again, some of the steps you have to follow are, 

  • Go to the HBO Max app or web

  • Click the sign-in for the last time

  • If it shows an error, tap on the Forget Password 

  • Enter your email address, and press submit 

  • Follow the instruction that you received in the mail, and reset your password 

  • Once you give, check for re-login and check its workings 

Method 5: Restart the device 



  • Press the power button

  • Click on the slide button 

  • Press the power button and select the restart, and automatically, it will turn on 


Method 6: Checking internet connection 

Method 7: Update the app 



Method 8: Change VPN location 

  • Sometimes, the network may not work, resulting in unavailable in some countries worldwide so that you can change the VPN location. 

Method 9: Clear cache 

  • For clearing the cache, go to settings – apps – HBO Max-storage- clear cache 

  • You can also clear your cache in google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc 

Method 10: Report the problem

  • If you didn’t get it, you could report the problem to customer care, or you can approach its help centre to fix your problems.  

Where Is HBO Max Available? 

HBO Max is only available in the countries like, 

Currently HBO Max is available in 61 territories, there are plans for continued expansion of HBO Max in 2022.

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