How To Add YouTube Video To Instagram Story, Get Steps To Add YouTube Video On Instagram Story


Instagram is a famous social networking app that Meta Platforms currently owns. Instagram Allows its users to share and upload various kinds of photos and videos can, edit videos using filters, and we can give hashtags or locations under the pictures or videos we have shared on Instagram. In this article, we will see how to add youtube videos to Instagram stories.

How To Add YouTube Video To Instagram Story?

Many Instagram users want to add YouTube Video To Instagram Stories, which helps them get more followers and likes for their Instagram page. Many users of Instagram have Issues adding YouTube Videos to their Instagram stories. Here we have given Some simple steps to Add YouTube Videos To Instagram stories.

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Steps To Add YouTube Video to Instagram Story

Now we are going to see how to Add YouTube Video To Instagram Stories in an easy manner.

Step 1:Download The Video From YouTube

First, you should select the videos from YouTube that you want to post and then download them to your phone or laptop. Here we have given some simple steps to download the youtube videos.

  • Select the video that you want to download

  • Tab on the Download Browser

  • You Can find the Browser at the Bottom of the screen.

  • Then you can click the video file, which will automatically download to your device.

Step 2:Get Your YouTube Video Ready For An Instagram Post

There are some restrictions to posting or adding YouTube Videos on Instagram. The length of the videos should be 3 minutes and 60 seconds. Now we see the steps to do it in detail.

  • Click and Save Your downloaded YouTube Videos in the Camera Roll.

  • Then insert the videos into Instagram and make it Worthy Makeover, Add a filter on videos and trim them, and put a custom cover for them.

  • Go To Your Instagram App and then Add a Caption and Hashtags under the photos and click the share button on Instagram.

How To Share YouTube Video On Instagram Story 2022?

YouTube videos are popular nowadays. People want to share their favorite youtube videos on various platforms. Here we have given some simple steps to share youtube videos in Instagram Story effortlessly.

Step 1:Create a teaser trailer for a longer youtube video

Step 2:Tries to create some innovative mashups for your youtube video

Step 3:Shares links to youtube videos on Instagram

Step 4:Directly upload the youtube videos to your Instagram page.

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Merits of Posting Videos on Instagram

Instagram is a popular messaging app. If you post anything on Instagram means, it will reach millions of people quickly. Here with we have given some merits of posting videos on Instagram.

  • It wells reach many new audiences.

  • We can convey our thoughts through Instagram videos, which will save us time

  • If you are doing a business means, Instagram posts and videos are handy to propagate our products

  • It increases our viewers on Instagram, and we can get many new followers

  • It increases SEO Ranking for your videos.

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