How To Fix Gpay Cricket Shake Not Working Issue? How To Play Cricket Shake In Gpay?

Google Pay

Google Pay is an online money-sharing system and digital wallet platform which Google designed to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on all mobile devices. Users can enable their payments with their Android Phones, tablets, or watches. It uses NFC, near-field communication, facilitating funds to transfer to the retailer. It also allows users to upload their google pay wallet by replacing the credit or debit card chip and magnetic stripe transaction at point-of-sale terminals. 

It is quite similar to contactless payments, which will be used in many countries. This Gpay service lets Android devices communicate wirelessly with the point-of-sale systems using their NFC antenna, HCE, and Android’s security. This app takes advantage of physical authentications such as fingerprint ID, etc. Devices without a fingerprint will use a passcode. Google pay keeps the customer payment information private by not sending the credit or debit card number during the payment; instead, it will generate a virtual account number representing the user’s information. It also sets a screen lock in the app.

How To Fix Gpay Cricket Shake Not Working Issue?

Gpay is a money-transferring app that multiple users have used in recent days, and the users range from vendors to people in business, and people of all kind trust this app for sending and receiving money. Along with the latest update, Google pay has added Cricket Shake. But sadly, multiple users complained that the Gpay Cricket Shake needs to be fixed. But as of now, there were no fixes for this issue, and well will be mindful of adding the fixes here.


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How To Play Cricket Shake In Gpay?

  • Update your Gpay app to the latest version.

  • Login to your account and head to the Google Pay home dashboard screen.

  • Now proceed to enter the Indi-Home game offer.

  • Now tap the play button and score the high structure in the special colony.

  • Now visit GPay’s Direct Play to Google Pay New Cricket Stadium Offer; you can get a chance to win 300 Rs.

  • Now build the tallest Gpay Cricket Stadium (Structure) by the Ninth of November.

  • Now you will be on Floor 0 or your Building, so tap on the build welcome floors.

  • Once you’re done, you can welcome Bonus 9 floors for you. To claim the gift, tap on “Build Welcome Floors.”

Google Pay Cricket Shake

Gpay has added a new feature called Google Pay Cricket Shake. If you start this event, you can see a cricket ball placed in the center of the screen. You are tasked to rotate your phone till you make the ball hit the nearby floor. You must move the ball and let it hit the floor for 10 seconds. This event surprises you with a few notable rewards. You can earn 300 rupees instantly or earn vouchers. 

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