How To Flip Camera While Recording On Snapchat? Flip Camera On Snapchat In Just 3 Steps

How To Flip Camera While Recording On Snapchat?

In the most recent update to the Snapchat app, Snapchat introduced its newest capabilities. You may now alternate between using the front and back cameras while making a Snapchat video. Isn’t it great to know that when you switch cameras, the recording will continue to move? In this article, we’ll show how to flip a camera while recording on Snapchat.

How To Switch Camera On Snapchat While Recording?

Step 1

Step 2

  • While recording, quickly double-tap the screen.

  • Your camera will switch to the alternative mode if you do this.

Step 3

  • Double-tap the screen one more.

  • The camera is returned to its original condition as a result.

  • Double tapping the screen will start a video while your reaction is captured on camera.

  • Tap the Switch Camera button as well. The top-right corner of the screen displays a square with two arrows on it.

  • Lenses mode, which uses facial recognition and your phone’s motion sensor to add additional effects to your Snap before you shoot it, is activated by a single tap on the screen.

How To Keep The Camera Recording On Snapchat?

You can easily keep the camera recording on Snapchat whether you’re a new user or trying something creative. Both iOS and Android OS have similar instructions. Make sure the Snapchat app is running at the most recent version.

  • Find the Record button in the lower center of the screen when Snapchat is open.

  • Begin the recording. The Lock symbol will then display, so slide your finger there.

  • After you let go of the button, Snapchat will keep recording.

  • You can now begin recording your video without holding the record button with your hands. Unfortunately, if you keep pressing the button, you can lose a few seconds of recording. Fortunately, a timer can be set.


Snapchat is a multi-media network for messaging services and software that was developed in the US. The text and images are the Snapchat app’s main features, albeit they normally only remain visible to their recipients for a brief period of time before disappearing. Peer-to-peer photo sharing, which was previously the main focus of the app, has been replaced by the addition of different users’ “Stories,” which are 24-hour chunks of original content, and “Discover,” which lets businesses and individuals offer a range of short-form advertisements alongside supported content.

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