Instagram Bonuses Not Showing, How To Fix Instagram Bonuses Not Showing Issue?

Instagram Reels Bonus

An invite-only bonus scheme called Instagram Reels Play allows you to profit from the material you create for your reels. If you are chosen, an invitation will show up in your Instagram professional dashboard along with a pop-up notification. Based on how well your reel performed. It’s possible that your earnings per play won’t always be the same. For instance, you can start off earning more per play and then earn less. In this article, we’ll talk about why Instagram bonuses are not showing and how to fix them.


Instagram Bonuses Not Showing

Recently, users have complained that their Instagram bonuses are not showing. They attempted to log out and then log back in, but they are still experiencing problems and cannot access their data.

Users can make reels on Instagram and get money thanks to the platform’s bonuses function. Depending on your region and Instagram’s user rules, the more Reels played on your Account, the more money you make. A notification is sent to a person if they start to qualify for a bonus. You must adhere to all standards and not break any of their regulations. Instagram hasn’t established any explicit guidelines for who can receive bonuses or how to earn them, though.

Why are Instagram Bonuses Not Showing?

Because the functionality is not yet accessible in your nation or region, Instagram bonuses are not functioning on your Account. Or you haven’t upgraded to a professional account, which gives you access to this and other more sophisticated features. Except for one issue, Instagram has not provided any details about the bonus program’s qualifications. They claim that only people with fewer than 1 million Instagram followers are eligible for it.

How To Fix Instagram Bonuses Not Showing?

Step 1 – Change To A Creator Or Business Account

  • Open the app to access your Instagram profile.

  • Select “Menu” from the menu.

  • Go to Settings and then Account.

  • One option is “Switch to a professional account.”

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to switch to a business/creator account.

Step 2 – Post More Reels Till You Receive An Invitation

  • The Reels Play bonus programme is being tested and is only available via an invitation in the US and India.

  • Instagram doesn’t specify any further requirements for the programme besides having fewer than 1 million followers.

  • Every day till you get an invitation, post reels.

  • If you agree, the app will prompt you to register in order to get bonus rewards.

  • You have to complete the onboarding process before it expires.

Step 3 – Await The Release Of The Reels Play Bonus In Your Nation

  • The Reels Play bonus programme is now being tested in the US and India.

  • If you don’t live in the US or India, you have to wait until those countries make the programme available.

  • You can report issues or post queries about Instagram perks using the app’s support function (profile > menu > settings > help).


Instagram is a social networking site for sharing pictures and videos that are run by the American business Meta Platforms. Users of the app are able to upload media that may be altered with filters and arranged using hashtags and geotagging. The sharing of posts is optional, you may choose to share them with everyone or only selected followers. Users can view trending content, like photos, follow other users to add their content to a personal feed, browse other users’ content by tag and location, and browse other users’ content by location and tag.

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