Is 4chan Shutting Down 2022? What is 4chan?

What Is 4chan ?

4chan is a website launched by Christopher ‘moot’ Poole in October 2003. 4chan is an anonymous English language imageboard website. 4chan was created as an unofficial English language counterpart to Futaba Channel. This website is a hub of internet subculture. Its community is influential in the formation and popularisation of prominent internet memes such as locals, wojaks, Pepe the frog and Rage comics. Continue reading to find out if 4chan is shutting down.

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Is 4chan Shutting Down 2022?

4chan could soon be shut down. The most notorious community went broke for leaking naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, and the #cutforbeiber hashtag will soon cease to exist. The ability to post comments and share pictures anonymously without revealing their identity makes this website appealing to users. 4chan is also termed the internet’s most infamous community messageboard. With a record of being responsible for some of the world’s most cyberbullying incidents, the website finds it hard to advertise. It is said that Chris Poole sold the website to Mr Nishimura last year.

Reference Source – internetmatters

4chan Shutting Down 2022:

Sources state that 4chan could soon be shutting down. People went nuts when an anonymous user from the website leaked naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. One drawback of this website is that you can post pictures and comments anonymously. This led to terming the website the internet’s most infamous community messageboard. This website also finds it hard to advertise because of extreme cyberbullying happening on the website. There is a talk about 4chan shutting down soon. However, it isn’t officially confirmed about its ban. 

Reference Source – internetmatters

4chan TV Catalog:

1.  The Dark Knight Rises

2. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

3. Blade Runner

4. Terminator 2, Judgement Day

5. Drive

6. Avatar

7. The Godfather

8. The Thing

9. Fight Club

10. Taxi Driver

4chan Meaning:

4chan is an imageboard website where users stay anonymous. Young males between 18-25 mostly use this website. It was created to discuss anime. But now it has boards ranging from video gaming to adult content which can be easily accessed. 4chan is appropriate only for users above 18 since the content from the site can be easily accessed and are dangerous to children.

Reference Source – internetmatters

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