Is Alf Stewart Departing for Good? Update and Married Life Information 2022

Ray Meagher is a well-known Australian actor who is best recognised for playing the character of Alf Stewart. Since the year 1972, the actor has been active in the industry. Although Alan Bateman has been the show’s creator ever since its inception in 1988, there have been rumours recently that he will be leaving the show.

The plot of the play revolves around the people that live in Summer Bay. The name “Summer Bay” refers to an imagined coastal village located in New South Wales. The narrative focuses on the Fletcher family, which consists of Tom, Pippa, and their five children.

The story’s plot was met with both praise and criticism from readers and critics alike. The very first season was the subject of controversy due to the fact that it covered adult-oriented stories such as rape, teenage pregnancies, and other topics of a similar nature.

Fans continue to excitedly anticipate what will take place in the story even if it has changed greatly over time, both in terms of the characters and the overall plotline, and even though the story’s progression has been significantly altered. Both the critics and the audience members were impressed with Ray’s performance on the soap opera when he made his debut there.

Alf Stewart

Is it true that Alf Stewart is leaving Home and Away?

Alf Stewart is still a part of Home and Away and has no plans to leave the show in the near future. His departure from H&A was rumoured to have occurred earlier. Ray mentioned in an interview with New Idea that it is a privilege to have a career for thirty years and to actually appreciate it during that period of time.

In spite of this, it appeared that Alf would only be saying goodbye for a short period of time when Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts in the H&A, disproved the rumours in an interview with The Colum McGrath Breakfast Show.

After leaving his part on the popular soap opera, Ray is scheduled to take up a role in the theatre again.

She mentioned that Ray Meagher would start filming again for Home and Away in around seven weeks’ time. In the soap opera, Ray has taken over the role of Alf. Ray Meagher states that Alf Stewart, the most well-known inhabitant of Summer Bay, would leave the town for love this week if he decided to leave the town, and that he would do so this week if he decided to leave this week.

To our relief, Ray confirmed that, despite the fact that he had given it some thought, he would not be leaving Summer Bay in the near future. In 2010, he removed himself from the position for a vacation, but in 2011, he came back. Since his contract was renewed in 2012, he is pleased to report that he is able to keep working on the show.

The Alf Stewart Family: More on His Wife and Children

When Alf Stewart’s (Ray Meagher) first wife Martha, played by former Sons & Daughters actress Belinda Giblin, made an unanticipated return from the “dead” in Home and Away last year and returned to Summer Bay to find Alf and their daughter Roo, the stern owner of the Summer Bay Caravan Park was not impressed by this development (Georgie Parker).

The tension that surrounded Colby Thorne and Chelsea Campbell’s wedding day has already subsided, and on March 13th, Alf makes the decision to phone Martha. The two of them have a long-overdue conversation and catch up on each other’s lives.

Growing up in Summer Bay, Alf always had a keen interest in economics and business. His paternal grandfather, Gordon, as well as his Scottish grandparents, Angus, lived in the Bay Area.

There is a boat rental company and a yacht brokerage housed within the Summer Bay Caravan Park. After relocating to the Summer Bay House in the Caravan Park, Alf was married to a resident of the area named Martha Baldivis. Ruth was the name that they gave to their daughter.

The Home and Away star Alf Stewart has decided to leave Summer Bay. After 30 Years as a Soap Industry Icon

Ray Meagher left television after 30 years playing the role of Alf Stewart on the show “Home and Away” to seek a career in the theatre. As Bob, the mechanic, in the production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the legendary soap opera actor who is 74 years old has made his stage comeback.

Ray refused to comment on whether or not fans will be able to see Alf again, but he did note that after participating in the West End and Sydney productions of Priscila in 2007 and 2008, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to represent Bob in the movie.

The Home and Away character known as Alf, played by Ray Meagher, will no longer be seen.

He was the only original cast member still alive when the Home and Away pilot was filmed in 1988, and he played Alf Stewart in that episode. Ray admitted that he almost didn’t become a part of the cast because a commitment of two years seemed like a “lifetime” to him at the time, despite the fact that he later broke a Guinness World Record for being the longest-serving actor in an Australian serial. He did this despite the fact that he went on to set the record for the longest-serving actor in an Australian

Alf Stewart


After playing a variety of supporting roles in a variety of productions, Meagher was ultimately chosen to play the part of Alf. He was one of just eight senior performers who were cast in the original lineup for the serial. He was one of the actors. When Meagher was offered his first job on a regular basis, he responded by saying, “It’s wonderful for me to portray someone like that after all the other fellas.” Meagher disclosed this information in an interview that was posted on the website of Channel 5, and he stated that he did not audition for the character of Alf. Instead, the producers had him in mind for the part of Tom Fletcher (eventually played by Roger Oakley).

Since 1988, Meagher has played the role of Alf in an Australian television series, making him the actor with the longest running time in the Guinness Book of World Records. As of the year 2011, he is the only original cast member that is still active today. Max Buckley and Robert Jago took turns playing the role of Alf in the episodes that featured flashbacks to the character’s earlier life.

In April of 2010, it was revealed that Meagher will be taking a break from Home and Away so that he could travel to London to star in the West End production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Meagher’s role in the show called for him to play the title character. According to Meagher, “[Home and Away] have very kindly permitted me to do Priscilla in the West End from around the 20th of September till the beginning of March.” In October of 2011, Meagher made his way back to the West End. The actor, whose contract was set to expire in 2012 but was set to be renewed in 2012, stated that he was dedicated to continuing to appear in Home and Away since he continued to like playing the role of Alf. Meagher is the only cast member for whom there is a provision in the contract for him to receive additional holidays.

Meagher revealed to a reporter from the Australian Associated Press (AAP) in February 2013 that he had signed a five-year contract with the Home and Away television show. However, as long as he provides a notice period of six months, he is free to go. Meagher performed the character of Bob in Priscilla Queen of the Desert for a total of six weeks during the month of September 2018. Meagher disclosed that he had been offered the position approximately 18 months earlier; however, he was unable to accept it owing to the filming commitments he had with Home and Away. He explained, “When I was offered it, it was difficult to fit in with Home and Away, so having said ‘thanks, but no thanks,’ I thought about it and wondered if they would allow me to only do Brisbane.” He added, “Having said ‘thanks, but no thanks,’ I thought about it and wondered if they would allow me to only do Brisbane.” Meagher also disclosed that he had recently extended his contract with the Home and Away cast for another three years.

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