Is Dr Oz Dead? Why Is Dr Oz Dead Trending?

Dr. Oz

Mehmet Cengiz Öz is the original name of DR.Oz. He is a well-known Television Presenter, Author, Politician, and Retired Cardio Surgeon. He is the first Muslim person who both majority parties nominated. In 2022, he was made the Republican nominee for the United States Senate Election in Pennsylvania. He has dual citizenship. He has both U.S and Turkey citizenship.


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Is Dr Oz Dead?

There were many rumours regarding Dr Oz. There was a huge hoax about Dr Oz’s death. There was massive spam that Dr Oz and his sisters had an inheritable quarrel. Dr Oz’s father passed away on February 9, 2019, leading to spam’s arrival. According to The Sun, Dr Oz is still alive. Dr Oz recently posted a post on Twitter about seven hours ago.


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Mehmet Cengiz Öz was running as a Republican in Pennsylvania for a seat in U.S Senate. On June 15, 2022, spam messages with the subject line, “Dr.Oz discovered dead,” were distributed to individuals. It is entirely untrue that the 62-year-old had passed away. Only a few hours after the hoax letter began circulating, Dr Oz released images of himself campaigning.

Dr Oz And His Sister’s Inheritance Battle

Dr Oz and his sister several accuse their Turkish-based sister Nazlim Oz of forging their father’s will with a false signature in the dispute that spans the US and Turkey. They assert that throughout the years, Nazlim has stolen millions from their father Mustafa’s estate and concealed the money abroad, including in India, the Cayman Islands, and the Netherlands. Dr. Oz’s father is a Turkish investor and a surgeon. Suna, their mother, who is a widow, also helps the two.

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