Is Dr. Taylor Leaving Chicago Med? Who Plays Dr Taylor In Chicago Med? Why Was Dr Taylor Leaving Chicago Med?

Chicago Med

Chicago med is an American-based Medical and emotional drama. This show drives us through the day-to-day activities of the state-of-the-art trauma center and also into the thrilling experience of the doctors and the staff. This show is produced by Dick wolf. This series was aired on November 17, 2015, on NBC. It has 8seasons.

Is Dr Taylor Leaving Chicago Med?

 Dr. Taylor made an abrupt exit on the 6th episode of season 8. It is not evident whether she is leaving the series or not. She showed up as a medical student in season 6. Later made re-entry as an Emergency department staff. So she might again come back in later episodes this season or in the upcoming seasons.

Who Plays Dr Taylor In Chicago Med?


In the Chicago Med series, Dr. Taylor’s role is played by Asjha Cooper. She was a new character introduced in the 13th episode of season6. She has been into television for more than a decade. She plays the role of an emergency ward doctor. In the previous season, she appeared as a Medical student.

Why Was Dr Taylor Leaving Chicago Med?

Dr. Vanessa Taylor, in an episode, came to know that charge nurse Maggie was her biological mother. They both have many emotional and touching moments in the episode but still clash then and then. In episode 6, when maggie learned that Dr.Taylor had given illegal meds to a patient, she was disappointed, and tension arose between them.   

So Dr.Taylor said, “I was resourceful. I was a good doctor. And that’s the kind of person that I want to be,” Vanessa told Maggie. Later in the episode, Vanessa shared that she would leave to take a job in the Philippines. “This opportunity will allow me to be the kind of doctor I want to be, doing the work that I love,” she explained to her mother. “This is my calling.” 

So there is always a chance that she could return.

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Dr Taylor Bio

Specifications Details
Name Vanessa Taylor
Known As Dr. Taylor
Ethnicity African-American
Family Kent Taylor (Adoptive Father)

Bea Taylor (Adoptive Mother)

Maggie Campbell (Biological Mother)

Grant Young (Biological Father)

Denise Lockwood (Biological Aunt)

Occupation Emergency Medicine Intern Resident

Portrayed By

Asjha Cooper

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