Is Jeff Hordley Leaving Emmerdale 2022? Returning Cast On Emmerdale


The television show was initially scheduled to run for three months in the afternoon. However, until 1978, when it was relocated to an early-evening prime time position in most regions, more episodes were ordered and broadcast during the day. The soap opera had a new production crew in the late 1980s, who managed the name change, the addition of more dramatic plots, and an increase in the number of episodes produced. Emmerdale started to be regarded as a significant British soap opera as a result of the alterations, which also improved the number of viewers and the popularity of the serial. On October 10, 2011, the programme started airing in high definition. In 2016, Emmerdale became the first soap opera to take home the Best British Soap prize at the British Soap Awards. Emmerdale “classic episodes” have been aired on ITV3 every week since January 2019. 

Is Jeff Hordley Leaving Emmerdale 2022?

Cain confronted Al with a shotgun in Monday’s episode after discovering he had been having an affair with his sister Chas. Al was duped into meeting Cain at a barn. He pointed the gun at him, but he later admitted that it was only to get his attention. Cain put down his gun, and the two men began to fight. They both reached for the gun, however, and a gunshot rang out.
In tonight’s episode, it was revealed that Al had been shot, and it appears that he died instantly. Meanwhile, Al’s fiancée Kerry was walking with Chloe near the barn when she heard the gunshot. She went to investigate when she noticed Al’s car near the barn and discovered Cain holding the gun and Al’s body on the floor. Kerry demanded that Chloe call an ambulance and the police.

Cain fled the barn but was apprehended by armed police. When questioned by cops, he stated that he was walking by the barn when he heard a gunshot. When he arrived, he discovered Al on the ground and the gun nearby, and he picked it up as Kerry entered. Kerry, on the other hand, told the cops that Cain and Al had a long feud and despised each other. Cain was later charged with Al’s murder.

Is Jeff Hordley Leaving?

What happens next on Emmerdale is being kept under wraps. Cain’s rage has not always been out of control, but this is the first time his actions have resulted in murder. Unless something unexpected happens, Cain may be sentenced to prison. Meanwhile, neither actor Jeff Hordley nor Emmerdale have stated whether or not Jeff will be leaving the show. When Cain Dingle was named Entertainment Daily’s best Emmerdale character ever, Jeff hinted that he might be here to stay.

He said: “I am delighted Cain has won best character. Thanks to all who have voted for him.

“Cain Dingle has been a joy and an honour for me to play for such a long time.

He continued: “I have been blessed with wonderful storylines and script writers and brilliant actors to bounce off.”

“I’ve particularly enjoyed the current storyline with Faith in the 50th and the consequences that come after. I hope you enjoy it.

“Here’s to another 50 years!”

However he said in a recent interview on Loose Women: “I’m worried every year we’re only on a year’s contract at a time and there’s times of the year when people’s contracts are up and everybody gets nervous.”

With Jeff keeping us guessing, it looks like we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Returning Cast On Emmerdale

Tracy Metcalfe

Tracy will be absent for a time as actress Amy Walsh is on maternity leave with her first child. Nate and Vanessa split up after he cheated on her with Fiona, who we now know was Vanessa’s girlfriend! Vanessa was determined to keep Nate and Tracy apart, but she had no idea Tracy would be taking a new job in Nottingham. She has gone to assist other struggling new mothers, but she will return at some point. Tracy made a brief appearance for the 50th anniversary celebrations, despite Amy and partner Toby-Alexander Smith being in the baby bubble with their adorable daughter Bonnie. It saw her and Nate hook up again, but he broke her heart when he returned to his girlfriend, Naomi.


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