Is Nicole Curtis Married? Who Is Nicole Curtis Husband? Is Nicole Curtis In A Relationship? Nicole Curtis Daughter Does Have Cancer?

Who Is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis is a DIY enthusiast, independent designer, and renovator. She is most known for being the host of the HGTV programme “Rehab Addict” and its several offshoots. Nicole is getting ready to return to the spotlight after taking a break from the spotlight to host a new show. The actress will next be seen by fans in the renovation show “Rehab Addict Lake House,” where she will work on a 100-year-old house.

Is Nicole Curtis Married?

Steven Cimini, Nicole’s childhood friend, was her husband. They even have a son together named Ethan. When Nicole was 20 years old, she wed Stevin. However, the couple later separated, and their son’s custody dispute was apparently very contentious. Nicole and Steven divorced in 2009 after a protracted legal struggle for child support and custody that lasted more than ten years. The designer, who is now in her early 20s, fought for her son, nevertheless. After her divorce, Nicole started dating Shane Maguire. She and her ex-boyfriend Shane brought Harper into the world in 2015. However, their connection didn’t last long, and soon Nicole was back at the courthouse asking for Harper’s custody.

Who Is Nicole Curtis Husband?

Nicole Curtis, on the other hand, has always been honest about her personal life. She appears to be reserved when discussing her boyfriend or love life, based on the most recent actions on her Instagram, though.

Nevertheless, Nicole Curtis is not wed at the moment. She was, however, already wed to Steven Cimini, his husband. Steven and Nicole also have a child together, as was previously revealed.

She was also with her partner, Shane Maguire, at the time. They are parents to Harper, a son. She has, however, already cut ties with Shane as well. Despite having a kid together, the two are no longer together.

Is Nicole Curtis In A Relationship?

Nicole Curtis is single currently. But, she was in a relationship with the Executive Director and founder of the White heart Foundation, Ryan Sawtelle. She has been dating her boyfriend, Ryan, since 2018.

 She was then in a live-in relationship with Steven Maguire. Nicole was not happy and separated when she got pregnant with Shane Maguire’s child.


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Nicole Curtis Daughter Does Have Cancer?

Nicole Curtis does not have a daughter, however she is the mother of two sons. However, she is regularly questioned regarding a woman by the name of Tessa Prothero. Tessa was actually the daughter of one of Nicole Curtis’ longtime collaborators and close friends, not Nicole Curtis herself. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer after an episode that featured her and her family. Bobby Prothero and Karin Prothero gave birth to Tessa.

Additionally, Tessa’s tale for Rehab Addict was helped by Nicole, who is close to her parents, particularly her father and on-screen GC Bobby. Tessa reportedly had neuroblastoma, a cancerous growth of immature nerve cells that can be seen in various parts of the body.

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