Who Is Metal Lords’ Cast Isis Hainsworth? Know Her Age & Wiki

Isis Hainsworth

Isis Hainsworth is one of the three lead casts of Metal Lords, a high school heavy metal band, and its musical journey made into a sketchy tale.

Isis portrays the role of teen Emily who joins the band after she is approached by Hunter and Kevin.

The latter two are in dire need of a bassist for their band to compete in the music competition and they recruit Isis, although she specializes in Cello.

The three form a trio of musical prodigies and go on to perform and train super hard in the competition.

Actress Isis Hainsworth was an absolute neophyte when they joined the cast of Metal Lords.

She never touched or played the cello instrument prior to landing the role.

After she was cast as the character of Emily, she learned to play the instrument.

She trained with professional cellist Vanessa Freebairn Smith.

Vanessa co-founded Sonus Quartet in 2003 and she taught Isis about the flow and tone of the delicate instrument.

The talented actress who has successfully starred in big projects such as Emma and Misbehaviour has stated that she loved the experience of learning a new instrument and adoring the special genre of music Metal was.

Prior to the casting, only one actor Adrain Greensmith who plays Hunter had a previous experience with musical instruments and playing.

The teen actors were taught thoroughly to learn the precise sore of hard metal and how to not just act to the music but also feel and live the musical flow and understand the theme being shared to the audience mass.


Isis Hainsworth was born in 1998 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, according to a verified source.

She was born in the United Kingdom and maintains British citizenship. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 2nd of September. She is a woman with many talents. Moreover, she has a very distinct British accent.


Talking about her parents, Isis Hainsworth was born in a family of mixed ethnicity.

Her father’s name is Casey Chappie, while her mother’s name is Marta Axpe. Her mother Marta is an entrepreneur and has been the front face of a local business for a very long time.

Besides, she has two younger brothers. One of her brothers is Isaac D Collins, who seems to be very close with her.

She was born and raised in Edinburgh.

There is very little news about the dating life of Isis Hainsworth.

As of now, she is reportedly single and seems to be very focused on her career. She has got the chance to work with several celebrities and high-graded actors, and she herself is on the verge of becoming one.

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