Itaewon Stampede What Happened? Itaewon Stampede Video And Death Toll

Itaewon Stampede What Happened?

The narrow, steep streets of Itaewon Stampede once housed Seoul’s red-light district. Catering to a sprawling U.S. military base next door, the neighbourhood provides cheap beer, knockoff goods and female companies for sale. That fame made it a natural place to celebrate the Halloween, an imported holiday growingly popular with young South Koreans. An estimated 100,000 people were in the neighbourhood on Saturday, the first pandemic-era Halloween, as social distancing restrictions were uplifted. This year, Itaewon’s Halloween turned to horror. As huge crowds pushed into the neighbourhood to celebrate, there was a crush. More than 150 people were killed and 82 injured.

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Itaewon Stampede Video

On October 30, a shocking incident video spread on social media, depicting the moment when the crowd of revellers surged beyond control, leading to tragic consequences. In the footage, screams can be heard among the large crowd of party-goers in the district. People can be pushed into the cramped space between the bars and nightclubs, pushing the masses forward.

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Itaewon Stampede Cause

On Saturday, October 29, as many as 100,000 people, mostly in their teens and 20s, were rushed into Itaewon’s narrow, sloping streets for one of the first important celebrations since Covid restrictions were lifted. Just after 10 pm, chaos breaks out on a narrow, steep sidestreet near Itaewon station that connects to a slew of bars and clubs from the main road. Witnesses reported crowds surging in various directions and people started losing their footing on the slope, causing a domino effect. People fell and knocked others down, piling one person onto another and imprisoning them. Others tried to scale the sides of the buildings to escape from the place.

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Itaewon Stampede Death Toll

The death toll from Saturday’s Halloween crush has risen to 156, in accord with the South Korean interior ministry, as president Yoon Suk-yeol called for new safety measures to prevent such accidents from happening again. The Itaewon death toll is more “heavy” but “not unusual” in crowd crushes, Moussaïd said. “At Mecca, for example, during the Muslim pilgrimage where there are regular accidents, we often have tolls of several hundred, and even several thousand, victims.” For further details, we will update you soon as soon as possible. Keep in touch with our website we will give some necessary and trending news.

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