Jack Manifold Apology’- “I Don’t Mean That In A Misogynistic Sense,” Says Minecraft Star Jack Manifold

Jack Manifold is a celebrated web personality who gained fame after joining an invite-only survival multiplayer Minecraft server, Dream SMP.

The popular Minecraft broadcaster recently became embroiled in a significant dispute. On Twitch and Reddit, folks took the matter very seriously, and now, a Jack addressed it.

Due to a conversation he had with video creator Mizkif on broadcast, the 19-year-old YouTuber faced harsh backlash.

The topic of discussion was GeorgeNotFound, a well-known Minecraft broadcaster, and his younger and female fanbase.

What Did Jack Manifold Apologize For?

Jack Manifold repeatedly apologized and insisted that he was not misogynistic and that his discussion with Mizkif had been about demography.

He also shared his thoughts on the subject, adding the words he spoke with Ph1LzA in the video.

Manifold said that it made him feel pleased for building a community where the teenage girls could go and appreciate the streamer’s programming without being offended.

He further stated that the reference to “teenage females” was not a derogatory remark about girls watching streamers but rather a discussion about the demographic of Twitch and YouTube followers.

YouTuber Jack Manifold’s Misogynist Controversy Claims

Jack Manifold’s appearance in one of Mizkif’s streams and his statement about teenage girls was the reason behind the controversy.

Mizkif was referring to the viewers of Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound, who primarily had adolescent girls watching his videos on YouTube and Twitch because they were “obsessed” with them.

When Mizkif inquired of Jack: “What pulled him into the debate was his saying “Yes,” in essence agreeing with the video creator when he claimed that 15-year-old girls were infatuated with George.

Later, Jack answered uneasily that he have no video about Dream’s appearance and whether the current “doxxing” incident was genuine.

Another video from a Twitch stream held by well-known YouTuber Ph1LzA playing Minecraft with Wilbur Soot added fuel to the fire.

A user shared the video on Twitter saying, “Jack Manifold and Mizkif need to [sic] hear this one.”

Then, Wilbur Soot provided a thorough explanation of the circumstances, which were the main cause of the misogynistic accusations Jack was dealing with.

“There’s Nothing a Teen Girl Can Be Interested in Without Being Mocked.”

In his Twitch life, Jack apologized several times and reiterated that he was not a sexist and that the conversation with Mizkif was about demography.

Jack shared his thoughts on the topic, adding that the words he talked with Ph1LzA (about adolescent females having nothing to be interested in without being mocked) made him pleased for creating a community where the aforementioned girls could go and enjoy the streamer’s content without being mocked. Jack continued, ” “I’m overjoyed to have such a large audience.”

He went on to say that his views on the subject have been distorted into the claim that he is a sexist. He argued that the rumors are the polar opposite of what he thought and meant and that before the Dream SMP and stan culture, the audiences on sites like Twitch and YouTube were much different. Jack continued, ”

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