Who Is Jed Maus – Keller ISD Teacher Arrested For Indecency, Know His Age & Wiki

Jed Maus aka Jed is a teacher and the director of the band at Keller Middle School. He received a bachelor of music in trumpet specifically. Maus directed bands at various contests including the Texas UIL Contest. He also served as the music director and teacher at the schools like Keller Middle School.

Jed Maus- Arrest on Keller ISD Teacher

Jed Maus worked as a Band Director in the Keller ISD school in Texas. He has recently been arrested for his indecency activities and for physically abusing his students.

The Keller police and the school authority have taken the matter very seriously. The police department has officially mentioned that the investigation is ongoing, and the people who are the victim of the case should report them immediately.

Similarly, the school department had also released a notice in public regarding the case. They have said that the school authority was unaware of such activities, which involved their band director, and has mentioned there is no more place for him in the school.

It was not the school that had reported a complaint against the Band director. The parents of one of the students who was a victim of the case had filed a complaint against him, and since then, the issue was identified.

Charges For Indecency

According to the press release from Keller Police Department, Jedidiah Maus is charged with three counts of Indecency. Reports against him were registered back in September, and the police had immediately begun investigating.

He used to expose himself to male students inside a bathroom. The police found that he was last involved in such an act with his student on Sep 10, Friday, and by Sep 14, the police had denied him access to the school building.

The charges put on him are severe and may even end his career. This act of his misconduct could end him up for 1-5 years in jail, and also, he will never be allowed to teach in a school.

Jed Maus Age & Wiki

As of now, Jedidiah Maus is 35 years old. He has not yet revealed his birthday details. We will update you soon.

We assume that he was involved with the school for a long time. He served in a senior position in Keller ISD, and it has been a very tough time for the school authorities to deal with such a shameless act committed by one of their teachers.

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