Who Is John Kruk? What Happened To Him? Know More About The Former Baseball Player

John Kruk is an American former competitive baseball player who is now a commentator on NBC Sports Philadelphia for the club, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Kruk is a renowned commentator who is also a retired baseball player. He was a multiple MLB All-Star throughout his career. After retiring as a player, Kruk became an ESPN baseball commentator. He is presently a color analyst for NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Phillies games.

What Happned to John Kruk?

Kruk has undergone gallbladder surgery, hoping that it will reduce his diabetes. He wanted to have the surgery to be free from pain and remove all his restrictions.

On Twitter, Kruk has been outspoken about his anguish and desire to get the procedure done.

He also expressed some hope that the operation might help him manage his diabetes, which has caused him to control his diet and avoid one of his favorite delicacies – doughnuts.

Health Update

John Kruk is not in a hospital now. He posted on Twitter, giving his health update. He stated that his operation was successful and that he is in his room recovering now.

Before surgery, he stated that this would be his 30th operation. In Kruk’s absence, McCarthy called the game with Davis and Mike Schmidt, who is announcing Sunday home games from Citizens Bank Park for the first time this season.

He is recovering fast, and people are excited to see him again in the booth of NBC Sports Philadelphia. However, Kruk posted on Monday night that his operation was a success, with a projected return date of around June, but there is no mention of him being back at work on his Twitter.

Where Is He Now?

After recovering from surgery, John Kruk plans to return to the booth. People were curious about his whereabouts after he went missing, prompting numerous commentaries.

When Philadelphia Phillies fans turned on to NBC Sports Philadelphia to watch the team’s victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, fans heard the voices of Ben Davis and Tom McCarthy.

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