Kimberly Zapata Fired, Who Is Kimberly Zapata?

Who Is Kimberly Zapata?

Kimberly Zapata worked for Milwaukee for a span of 10 years. When it comes to profession Kimberly Zapata is a deputy director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, she requested the military ballots for fictitious voters from the clerks who are based in the nearby municipalities after utilizing the state’s MyVote Wisconsin website. To which Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson spoke out days before the midterm elections. We were able to learn Who Is Kimberly Zapata after referring to heavy.

Kimberly Zapata Fired

Kimberly Zapata is fired due to ballot fraud allegations. She allegedly obtained the military’s absentee ballots by using them as fake voters using a state-run website, and aslo he sent it to Mayor Cavalier Johnson, the Republican state lawmaker. This was announced on Thursday. The Milwaukee Election Commission deputy director (Kimberly Zapata) petitioned the military ballots using the MyVote Wisconsin source; Johnson informed this. We were able to fetch the real reason why Kimberly Zapata was fired after referring to the edition. We read facts on Zapata after referring to heavy.


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Milwaukee Election Commission Deputy Director Kimberly Zapata

“The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County wholeheartedly condemns Kimberly Zapata for filing fraudulent requests for military absentee ballots.

“This attempt to undermine confidence in our elections and abuse the system our service members use to participate in democracy is wholly disqualifying for any staff member of the commission.

“Our democracy is protected by hundreds of election workers and thousands of volunteers across the state — we would like to thank and honor them for their hard work as well as Mayor Cavalier Johnson for his swift action to protect the commission.

“We are worse off when extremists promote conspiracy theories and damage our electoral process. We call on members of the Legislature, the Republican Party, and folks across Wisconsin to counter the false narratives around election fraud pushed by far-right extremists like Rep. Brandtjen.”

Johnson from law enforcement reviewed this matter in these words; “The employee in question had her access to the offices and computer systems deactivated. Her employment in the Election Commission was terminated,” Also, the RPW Communications Director, “Election officials need to follow the law. However, the vulnerabilities that continue to be exposed in the MyVote system for requesting absentee ballots should be shocking to everyone. We remain very concerned that these vulnerabilities exist and that the Elections Commission is not taking the proper steps to mitigate the risks of potential fraud those vulnerabilities in the system create,”

Is Kimberly Zapata A Democrat?

Yes, Kimberly Zapata was a democrat; she was indeed one of The Executive Board (Democratic Party of Milwaukee County). Now she is fired though she worked for 10 years in the city of Milwaukee. And she allegedly obtained the military’s absentee ballots after using them for his purpose. She used the ballots for fake voters after using a state-run website. This crime was reported on Thursday. We referred to these insights after referring to wispolitics.

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